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ESC's kept on burning

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Default ESC's kept on burning


Why my ESC burnt every-time, what's the problem
I am using a 30A ESC for A2212/10T 1000kv motor with 10*4.5 props and a 4500 mah 25c battery

Where did i go wrong
Please help as soon as possible, i have already lost about 10 esc and 2 motors
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How many cells are there in your 4500 mAh battery?
10 ESCs? You are displaying considerable optimism by just doing the same thing over and over when clearly something is wrong!
Next buy and use a watt meter so you will know how many amps is really going through the motor. The A2212/10T 1000kv is limited to a max of 10 A continuous.
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If you are on 3S that should be OK. You are obviously drawing too much current for your ESC and/or motor. Are you sure you have a KV1000 motor? Are you trying to run that combo on 4S?
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Originally Posted by satvik View Post
...i have already lost about 10 esc and 2 motors
In money the equivalent of about five wattmeters.

Originally Posted by satvik View Post
... Why my ESC burnt every-time, what's the problem ...
How high was the current you measured? What is the battery voltage?

extra current with one or two cells added, simple table

And it is even 'worse' for changes in Kv and prop-diameter.
The 'full' story:
Motorcurrent is proportional to pitch¹, voltage², Kv³ and diameter⁴.
Power-drawn is proportional to pitch¹, voltage³, Kv³ and diameter⁴.

Without the exponentation
extra current with one or two cells added, simple table

So, changes in setup (and lousy Kv specifications!) can have surprisingly considerable/huge effects.
E.g. doubling voltage will four(2²)fold current, doubling Kv will eight(2³)fold current, and doubling prop diameter will sixteen(2⁴)fold current.
Even a small 10% change/difference in Kv will already lead to a 30% difference in current.

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Radio, ESC, motors, SBEC/LBEC, LVC, Kv, C, LiPo's etc.etc. explained ...
  • Some well-structured reading for rainy/windy days, and some handy e-tools as well. Will save you, and us a lot of questions. Notably the 'what went wrong?' kind of questions Will also prevent you from burning up several controllers and/or motors and/or battery:
    E-flight primer and tools
  • And pleasepleaseplease, do your RC equipment, wallet, ego, battery, controller, motor, house/garage/car a big favour ... get a watt-meter. It will more than pay for itself, will save you at least one fried motor and one fried controller. Will also help you finding optimal setup.
  • Without a watt-meter you are in the dark. Until something starts to glow
    Very versatile, and (now) dirtcheap:
    close out sale Hyperion Emeter II - RCG, with optical and electrical tach, servo tester, local&remote logging.
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I'm assuming your setup is from eBay, where there are several motors/esc/prop combos sold for replacement use in quadcopters. The motors are silver/gold and are sold from India and China, and some of the ads have various kv values for motors with the same A2212/10T designation. eBay also has a 3 cell 4500mah LIPO battery, 11.1 volts Correct?

That motor and esc combo won't handle a 10x4.5 prop on 11.1 volts. Too much prop, see Ron's posting. Suggest dropping down to a 8x4 or similar if you want to run that battery, or else get a 7.4 volt 2 cell battery.

Once you have your wattmeter reread Ron's posting again.

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WATTMETER ......... the golden tool !!
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