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What glider/sailplanes are you flying?

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I have 2 now: Passer X 1.8m from Hong Kong and Arthobby Sky EC 2m. I am a beginning model sailplane flyer and a hangglider and sailplane pilot.

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I have:-
XL3200 with AXI 28/20/10 on 10 NiMh cells
Spectra with S600 on 8 NiMh cells. Built from kit, just to prove to
myself that I still could!
157 in Discus (Chinese version) Rimfire 50/65/300 6S 4000 Lipo.
Poorly designed and executed model, but it flys remarkably well!
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Default Alliaj

I fly an Alliaj, from Aeromod. Is a 2800mm full carbon glider for f3f competition.

A video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=li0Nqyv0dPA

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Default mystery carbon

from mibomodeli.
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Red Scholefield
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Vengeance by Davey Systems (older than dirt), Graupner Electro Jr. (my first electric sail plane). It must be 20 years old - just re engined it replaced speed 600 with Aveox brushless - whole new ball game on 3S4800 FMA pack.
More recent acquisition Phoenix Jr. by Cermark - fuselage like an eggshell, brittle and cracking just setting on the storage rack. Not a bad flyer, but it has self producing hangar rash.
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Default Glider Conversion to EP

Originally Posted by sierra-gold View Post
I currently fly a Hangar 9 Aspire glider that I converted to EP. Hacker B20 L15, Maxon 4:1 GB, 12x6 prop and a 3S TP2100 lipo pack. Weight RTF is 38 oz. Nice flying sailplane that can get 6-7 launches per pack.

In the shop I have a Bird of Time ARF I'm converting to EP and doing some wing work on (spoilers and a little carbon). Planning on an AF 05 geared brushless for it.

Also slowly working on a Poly Sergio 2M. Will use either a Hacker B20 L18 or L15 depending on whether a 2S or 3S lipo will balance it out.

Started with an E-Flite Ascent using a geared Hacker B20 S22. Nice little park glider... got too small, too quickly for these old eyes so I sold it.

EP gliders for sport flying take all the work out of launching.

Do you have any specific suggestions for exactly what motors and ESC and battery combinations would work well in converting an Aspire to EP ??

I saw in your post about the Hacker B20 and Maxon gearbox but I'm not sure about the gearbox issue in the nose of a glider. Do you have any pics of the application so I can copy what you have done ??

Thank you sir,

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Default Electra and E-flite 25

I have had a ball with the Goldberg Electra and an E-Flite 25 with a 2100 li-poly. I fly in Denver so I need a big motor, have had flight times of over an hour. Maybe not the lightest set-up, but the thing climbs like crazy. Will thermal on good days.

Happy sailing,
Don in Denver
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Default bentoad

I bought an Aspire RTF with brushed 600 and it was so underpowered it would not fly up wind so I went crazy and installed a Himax2825 3643 with 4.28:1 inrunner.Then Installed a maxamps 3s2p 4000 11.1 V lipo a graupner 11x7 carbon fiber folding prop. weighs 49 oz. an d pulls 34 static amps at 380 watts. It goes straight up and is almost out of sight in 6 sec. It flys really sweat. never runs out of power. I fly twice a day. am and pm 2hr flights are common. This plane has over 300 flights.
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Jason T
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I just bought a used Raptr DLG from a friend. I have only had one flying session with it so far but it flys great. It has Dymond D-47 servos all around, Electron 6 rx and a 4 cell pack 250ma.
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I have added 3 pure sailplanes to my fleet.

In November I added a Supra 3.4M sailplane. In January I had an 87 minute thermal flight

In March I added a Wind Rider Fox slope glider. I have not flown it yet, but it looks great!

I just ordered an AVA 3M RES plane that I hope to have in the air in May.

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Here's my sons 1st R/C chuck glider.F B Minnisteve brought it over .I told 10 yr old son he could have it. I took 2 hr nap .Went flyin early(5 a.m.). When I got up son told me he needed 2 servos for his plane.When I was 10 I was happy with a Sky Streak , now it's a 2 channel GWS Pico Stick. The videos are long but filmed with Hat Cam so they are interesting point of view.I didn't get me climbing thru bushes to recover plane .My son is 10 and now has G.P. Spirit 2 meter, B-2 foamy Scratch Built, Hiborro Para-Plane,Pico Stick Chuck Glider, and is bugging me to build Cox Coursair Minni. Jeez
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Default just finished Mefisto

post #28

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I have had teh AVA out many times now. This plane is awesome. Get one!
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I still have three 2M electrics . 2 CG Electras and a Freedomm 100 all with Geared AF Cobalt 05s in them and they are all close to 20 years old. My latest is an E Flite Ascent with an AXI 2208-34 Cam 9X6 ,3S 500 mAh LiPoly . AUW 14.93. Climbs over 500 feet in 15 sec. and thermal on anythig but sink. Less than two weeks old and has been to 1352 and 1283 feet ( two differet days.) each of these flights could have been a speak out but I was alone and spiraled it back down before my eyes starting fading on me.
Altitudes as recorded by How High and read with See How.

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Mal Buckmaster
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Here is some info on a popular Elec. Sailplane I have developed over the last decade and which has been well accepted in my club by the experienced glider fliers.

It was based on the original Astro Flight Mini-Challenger and has been adapted for construction as an ARF and to accommodate current 80-200W power systems.
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Original Royal ELectrosoar 2M with 550 motor and 8x4 folding prop. Marginal climb with 7 cell NIMH - planning to change to LIPO and brushless this summer to increase power and lose weight. (I am going to start with the 3S Lipo on stock motor. Amazing difference on my Mirage 550 this weekend just chhanging batteries. Lost 7 ounces and gained a lot of power.)

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A question here, I've heard a lot of good things said about the Skimmer line of E-gliders in other threads, and as such was considering it as a first kit-build. But here I've only seen it mentioned twice. I know the true test of a product is in it's following, so are the Skimmer fans just a small "cult"?
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The true test of a product is its following? I am not so sure I agree with that. There are many planes that have large followings that are not "best in class". In many cases distribution and access will determine which are popular and which are not.

And, as we are seeing in all aspects of the hobby, the ARFS have taken over as compared to kits. There are many today who are flyers, not builders, myself included.

However, I have always heard good things about the skimmer both as a kit and as a plane. Based on that it would probably be a very good choice.
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Henry Sistrunk
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Default Skimmer

Is this the Skimmer referenced in the previous posts? I bought it years ago when brushed motors and Nicads were the only power systems available. Thinking about building it with brushless and lipos.
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Red Scholefield
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The Skimmer, designed by Ted Davey, is a great first build powered glider. Same airfoil as his Vengeance another fine stable flyer. I think you will be real happy with it, particularly with an outrunner and LiPo pack. I got a 30 minute dead air flight this morning on my Cermark Phoenix with Graupner brushed 600 on 2S3200 LiPo. Could have gone longer but it was getting hot. Still had about 1 AH left when I put it on charge (CellPro 4s).
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Henry Sistrunk
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Default Skimmer

I fly both of these gliders with the supplied brushed motors but with a 2 cell 3200 lipo. Don't really try for long flights. Just go up with power, glide down, then go up again with power.When I get tired after about 30 mins, I land. Really relaxed flying for an old guy.
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-E-Converted 2.5M FlyFly ASW-28.
-Super do-all, night illuminated, glider, trainer, seaplane, Easy Glider Brushless Electric.

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Originally Posted by cygnusx1 View Post
easy glider brushless electric.
i see where you converted your mpx-easyglider to a brushless motor... I'd appreciate it if you could tell me which motor/gear box you used... Also, did you have to cut the nose of the plane?

I recently got a mpx-easyglider, the pnp version so it came all together except for the tail... Anyway, i like the bird but it is very slow in gaining altitude on the standard engine (speed 400) and would like to put a bit more power into it...

Thanks for your help...
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i have a skimmer with a norvel .051 on it!!! it's about 10 years old and i think i'm gonna lazarus that plane for next season!!!
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Default My gliders are:

A revived Gentle Lady with a brushless outrunner and a 11x8 folding prop!
And a Aspire with a Himax brushless motor!!

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Quick Reply: What glider/sailplanes are you flying?

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