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Absolute beginner to R/C Flying!

Old 03-15-2008, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by JPilkinton View Post
OK, just switched Aileron and Rudder and your right. I can control the plane with the right stick. Pretty good actually. It is alot easier to make turns. Using elevators while using ailerons when turning to keep the nose up is just like the flight sims I play around with.

Next question:
When do your use rudders? Just for steering on the ground? I tried using the rudders with the ailerons when turning and she was a little crazy turning. If I can get away without using rudders except for turning on land, that would be alot easier.
Hi Jpilkinton The Rudder is used when on the ground, and when flying, you can use rudder or ailerons, rudder does not turn as Sharp as ailerons do, also, Rudder is used when doing a Knife edge, the plane is on its side, and the rudder now acts as the elevator to keep the airplane level, hope that helps, Chellie
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Old 01-12-2009, 07:17 AM
tom mcdonald
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Hello, am looking for some advice to get started in flying. Have never flown before and was thinking about starting with a sailplane to be able to start slow and then work up to powered flight, will take all the help anyone wants to give. Tom
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Old 01-12-2009, 07:43 AM
Ya' need to use mo rudda!
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Hi Tom!
Welcome to Wattflyer, lots of great info on here on just about any subject you could imagine
OK, a glider is prolly not going to be your best choice right now......you may want to consider some of the beginner, powered planes with light wing loading. Most gliders have a fairly high wing load which makes them more of a challenge to fly, you being new to the hobby would allow that we want an easier flying plane. I started out with a GWS Slow Stick, powered by a cheap brushless motor & esc combo and a 1300mah 3s lipo pack from Headsuprc.com. Jeff is a great friend and his customer service is unmatched, his prices and $2 shipping are just icing on the cake too My boy and I flew it without instruction and and within a couple of days we were quite comfortable with it. Less than a month later I had a video cam strapped to it to make movies of our neighborhood
Grab an inexpensive 4ch FM radio and you can have fun for under $125. I still have my orig Slow Stick and fly it every once in a while......you can't go wrong there IMHO
Another route I would strongly urge you to explore is using a computer sim to practice with before heading out to fly your new plane. I originally used the "FMS" sim availl for less than $20 from a few places in cyber-land. I practiced for a solid week or so before flying my new SS and I was SO surprised at how close the sim was to real flight.....it really did help!

Good Luck!

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Please get some help from an experienced rc pilot, as will have it correct trim necessary for successful maiden flights, I did start with sailplanes and am still hooked on them, but they do have a slow response on the stick making them easy to over control, however certainly give plenty of time for the newbie to become familiar the controls...my favored starter powered plane was the current Super Cub, its also off the charts on giving the newbie a chance to learn to fly and is rather durable, mine was taped to the hilt and still kept flying beautifully...

If you stick with attempts on the sailplane route the Easy Star and current Radian are wonderful flyers, love the current Radian flys forever on a single bound, but look out for the extremely long glide, needs plenty of room to land, but perhaps the best one out there at the moment PNP PLUG and PLAY or RTF READY TO FLY...

my route was as follows

Sailplanes powered and Hi-Start but had assistance on the learning curve
now back into the Hobby, Super Cub, later was a great Night Flyer, loved it
Strykers, diamond whippy planes C was too fast B model made it for me
Parkzone Trojan, ailerons, beauty, its off the charts for handling, nice 2nd or 3rd ship
Pusher Jet, these move out, takes time to master but near 100 MPH are a scream
Radian, wow, yep $250 bucks but with Specturm high freq, brushless motor, glide ration is off the charts, thermal this one in dead winter, my faovored plane at the present...flys over an hour without lift !!!

Again please find a veteran rc pilot, save loads of headaches, Good Luck !!
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Old 01-26-2009, 03:11 AM
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I started flying RC models around 40 years ago but have been out of it for the last 30 years, mostly because of the high cost of a radio license ($150/year, ouch!). Today's new spread-spectrum radios are awesome, no license required and no interference.

My first prop plane was a SIG Citabria with a 72" span, which I built 35 years ago and I still have it! Right now it's hanging from my bedroom ceiling, waiting.

A few years ago I decided to get back into RC but with electric motors instead of glow (no mess to clean up). I'm getting the parts together to convert my old SIG Citabria to electric power. I chose the Atlas 2927/08 outrunner and matching Atlas Black 45 Amp ESC.

The BEST thing for anyone starting RC today is to get a good RC simulator (not FMS). Some of them are so realistic you'd swear you're at the flying field. How good are they? I bought RealFlight G4 about 3 months ago and when I started using it I was turning those nice planes into kits 9 out of 10 times (pressing the reset button is cheaper than buying a new plane). Now I can fly almost any plane in the sim without crashing, can do aerobatics and I've even started 3D with some of the giant models. RC sims are also great for when the weather's bad and to maintain/improve your skills during winter.
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I used the easystar to learn to fly
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I painted it like a p 40 now
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But it is very under powered
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