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For All Those Who Continue To Mis-Identify UAV Craft

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Originally Posted by dereckbc View Post
Hogwash, you can put a bomb on any RC aircraft. You may not like it, I do not care what you think, but the truth is undeniable. We now have extremely cheap guided missiles even a 10 year old can deploy and attack with. By the time you detect it, it is tool late.
I think you are being very over dramatic there. First you would have to have the technology to design, source and build a compact lightweight bomb and detonation device powerful enough to do some damage (rather than just pop like a firecracker) yet light enough to be carried in an RC plane.

Fact is that if you have the technology and inclination to make a working explosive device there are endless ways to 'deploy' such a device as recent events around the world prove beyond doubt. Even if the bad guy did want to fly to target all he would have to do is buy or hire a light aircraft or microlight (microlights and their pilots don't even have to be registered). You would have far higher payload that way and the guys doing these deeds place no value on their own life, so certain death is no deterrent.

'Talking up' the risk of RC planes being used for such activity cant be good for the hobby... Someone regulator out there might be stupid enough to believe it.
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Originally Posted by birdDog View Post
I recall reading somewhere that the majority of "drone" sighting that are counted in the yearly totals are actually military vehicles. This certainly adds to the sensationalism. 6,000ft is not a Hobby King model.
Out of curiosity, would a jet pilot flying at 400 MPH even be able to see a two foot drone at 6000 feet?

For me, any small model is pretty much out of sight at 1000 feet away. At 400 MPH, you only have a second or thee to even see the model.
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