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Originally Posted by Duck View Post
Glad you had good luck with Great Hobbies. They are my LHS, and my first visit there was unfriendly at best. The guy was quick to greet me and everything, but when I asked about the Supercub, all I got was the diatribe about how gassser planes are better, and cheaper in the long run, and that electrics are only toys. He also noticed my Motorcycle shop hoody, and went on about how bikes are dangerous etc.etc.
Typical of the kind of people they hire in HS it seems. Opinionated and not very helpful.

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the 2 guys that run the hobbyshop here are retards that do not know anything about anything.... Really overpriced and worthless. The only thing i buy from them is the odd replacement part and nitro fuel
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Default Happened to me before

Gah, my small little LHS that was 15 minuets away used to have very little plane parts. and when i used to go there deciding on my next plane, there was an old guy there who said. "Are you going to buy something?"

now, i go to a hobbystore that is an hour away. They have nicer service, and ask how im doing with my build ect.
and to be honest, the one hour drive was worth it. they were nice, helped me with my build and begginer questions. and they had alot more planes.

So i would say if you see a hobbystore that is far away and has better service, go to it, its worth it.

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Yup--I agree
Better service is worth the drive.
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hey not sure if its really relivent but ive only just stepped up to R/C stuff from rubber free flight. When i was building free flight stuff i didnt have the net so i had to go into the LHS to get props wheels etc..,i was treated like a complete idiot and virtually kicked out of the shop when i told them i only did rubber powered stuff, exact words where "we only do real stuff here".now i know that rubber poewred stuff isnt exactly the same as R/C but at least show some respect to a customer,funnily enough several months later i went back in asking about R/C kit planes and they where more than happy to listen and suggest what i knew to be way to much of a plane for me.sorry to butt in but i just wanted to have my little whine,now ive got the net i wouldnt even consider using a shop ive only ever had bad experiances with them
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I live in Langley which is a suburb of Vancouver and the LHS that I deal with are pretty good. All of them are 45 min or less by car. One owner even took parts from his demo heli to sell to me because the parts I ordered didn't come in on time. Another owner took back parts 30 days later in exchange for other parts. The prices are competitive as well.


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These stories sound like they're stretching the truth some, but I can relate to them 100%. I've got a LHS that's only 3 miles away from home but they rarely have what I'm looking for in stock and have to order it off the internet. And the last time I ordered a plane there, when it came in it didn't show in inventory so they didn't know they had my plane after 6 weeks (found it on the shelf). I found another LHS 1/2 an hour away that has what I want 90% of the time, good prices and the people there are very helpful. That's where I shop now. Well there's good shops and there are out of business shops, just my 2 pennies.
Happy and safe flying to all.
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It's not just hobby shops that can ( or don't ) give good service.
I ordered a laptop computer on line last week and paid an extra $20 for
three-day UPS. It arrived overnight because the place it shipped from was
only 80 miles away, but nobody told me that!

I sent the customer service dept an email and told them that I liked the computer
just fine and the overall experience of shopping with them was good too, but I felt
that they should notify a person where their product was shipping from because I
paid an extra $20 for basically nothing.

They responded within 12 hours and said that they would refund the $20 back to my
credit card and that they were sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused me.

The company was and I will certinly shop there again in the future. We all
need to keep track of the companies that do a good job for their customers and frequent
them and also tell others.

Word-of-mouth is still the most effective form of advertising out there!!!

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Default Honeybee King 2 stock servo positions

Hey guys...I've been put on the beginners page but thats o.k. since I don't seem to know a lot of ins and outs about my first "real heli"(Honeybee king 2)..Need to know if my sevo arms should be at 90 degrees instead of the 20 degree down that came from the factory...Been having a hard time gettin hover..Have had a CX w/upgrades all around for a year now and have gotten pretty good with it...Thought it was time to graduate..Thanks, Paul
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Well, the servos should be at 90 degrees, but the throttle stick should be at the mid point when you check the servo arms. when the stick is all down, then the servos will be off from 90 degrees. this is due to the collective pitch. hope this makes sense. when you check, you should probably unplug the main motor or else make sure that the throttle hold switch in engaged.
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My fiance has just read this thread, over my shoulder so to speak & passed on his 1p's worth of info. He used to work in a LHS (sadly where I live no longer has any LHS), but he said he used to love encouraging the newbies, after all they were the ones about to spend most money getting started, he knew they would be back in for spares after the inevatable crashes that followed. But above this he admired thier enthusiasm & passion for wanting to learn all they could in as little time as possible. They were the future of R/C modelling to him. this was in the days before the net took off, the amiga 500 computer was the mutz!!!!

The net came, borders shrunk, world markets opened & the LHS found itself under pressure. If your LHS doesn't make you feel welcome, then walk in one day with your new radio & A/C, tell them you got it for less than half the price they have it for & you have many good forums like this place, also mention you would have gladly paid thier prices if they only showed some warmth.....walk out & never return.

Kirsty x
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I anything, I think hobby shops will have to be more geared to the beginner these days, as its where they will be getting more and more of their business from. Once folks get knowledge and desire a wider range of product brands, they often find things cheper online, and realize that the average hobby shop only carries what the shop wants to carry, and not what they may want as an experienced hobbyist. For example, my LHS is basically just a mini-Horizon and a bit of GP.
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Originally Posted by Daneliya123 View Post
I am a beginner, I am very keen to this article, thank you for sharing such a good article, I think I can learn more.
You do realise this thread is over 11 years old ??
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Spammers are good for reviving very old threads.
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