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hawk sky binding

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Default hawk sky binding

Dynam Hawk Sky brushless powered glider

I am having a difficult time flying it. I believe I might not be getting full power out of my motor. I know its a not a battery problem as I have tested the battey and its full charge. I believe its a binding problem. The rest of the plane is working fine, I have a few questions that somebody might be able to answer.

1. What is the proper binding procedures, I bind it now by:
a. turn on the tx
b. plug in bat to rc, makes beeping noise followed by long beep then its binds
2. In other forums I have heard that its common to have too baby the throttle and trim to get 20% power, then I am able to get full throttle. Is this normal? I have never seen this action on any youtube videos.
3. As I noobie flyer any other hints would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time and looking forward to any reponses.
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Old 09-19-2011, 01:57 PM
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Here's the bind procedure for a Spektrum system: 1. Put the bind plug in the "Bat/Bind" slot in the receiver; 2. Plug the ESC into the "Throttle" slot in the receiver; 3. Plug the battery into the ESC (receiver light will start flashing); 4. Pull the Trainer switch forward and while holding it forward, turn on the transmitter; 5. While still holding the Trainer switch forward, wait for the flashing light in the receiver to become a solid light, and then it will go out, and then back on again with a solid light. When the solid light comes back on, the the receiver is bound; 6. Release the Trainer switch; 7. Remove the bind plug; 8. Unplug the battery from the ESC; 9. Turn off the transmitter.

When the above procedure is completed, turn on the transmitter, plug the battery into the ESC and check all channels to see if they are functioning properly and in the right direction (reverse if necessary). If not, repeat binding procedure.
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Is there a way to test the receiver and esc.
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I don't know other than to substitute a different receiver and if that's not the problem, substitute a different ESC. Someone with more know-how than me needs to weigh in.
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Originally Posted by Melnick View Post
Is there a way to test the receiver and esc.
You can check out the receiver with a common low cost digital multimeter, per below:

Check out different channels on your receiver and compare readings.

Much easier to obtain a known good ESC and try again.
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If you have a good bind is there a way to tell. I have at least three different ways to bind, so I don't even know if I am binding right. After I bind I can use everything but the motor a first, It takes some skill to get the motor to sputter and with more skills I can get the motor all the way up. I still think the plane is under power. New plane, new battery and charger. The you tube videos motor is a lot loader than mine. I am missing something between the bind, esc and receiver. if I replace the esc and reciver then I have replace all the parts to the plane. Its hard to belive everything went bad
So how do you know if you got a good bind, like control over the rudder.
Can you check to see if you have a good esc and reciver. I am looking on getting as voitage meter.
Thank you.
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Old 10-04-2011, 12:25 AM
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Firstly are you using the correct size battery. If you are not binding correctly you will get no response from any controls on the model.If you are getting a response from controls and have the correct battery fitted and charged up, try calibrating the throttle. Push throttle stick to full throttle. Turn on transmitter. Plug model battery in and wait for beeps. Return throttle to zero and unplug model and turn transmitter off. Now turn transmitter on and plug in model battery and throttle should be progressive and full range.
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Steps to enter throttle-range-setting with stock 2.4GHz Dynam Tx/Rx/ESC:

1: Flip protection switch on Tx towards you.
2: Move throttle all the way down.
3: Turn on Tx and make sure you dont move any of the sticks in order to keep the battery-indicator-LEDs flashing (indicates Tx is in binding-sequence with Rx)
4: Connect battery with ESC while Tx-LEDs still flashing.
5: When the ESC starts to give you rapid beeps, move any stick on Tx once, this cancels binding-sequence of Tx and ESC will stop signaling wrong input.
6: You should now be able to control the servos of your plane, but you're not done calibrating throttle-range yet.
7: Unplug battery from ESC.
8: Flip protection-switch on Tx away from you (down).
9: Move throttle all the way up.
10: Connect battery to ESC.
11: Once the ESC gives you two short beeps, move throttle ALL the way down again.
12: ESC should now beep once for every battery-cell detected and then a long beep which indicates that the ESC finished initializing.
13: Your ESC is now calibrated with correct throttle-range and you're ready to fly.
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I'm not familiar with your particular model but; on most 2.4GHz systems, when binding you always turn on the receiver BEFORE turning on the transmitter (just the opposite of normal operation after the binding is complete).
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