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micro tandems...which one?

Old 01-05-2009, 08:10 AM
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Default micro tandems...which one?

I've really have my heart set on a tandem heli before I make the jump to to a more substantial Eflight or Walkera product. It would appear that I have 3 choices.(...if there's more, please speak up )

1.Air Hogs Twin Thunder/Silverlit TandemZ
2.EMAX Mini Chinook Tandem Transporter
3.Revell Fire Strike Pro

The EMAX & Revell models have the advantage of dual coaxial which appear to add enough stability to do away with the large, clear stabilizers that the Twin Thunder has. The Twin Thunder is ~$65 if purchased locally...The EMAX & Revell are $65-75(freight inclusive). I'm leaning toward one of the co-ax's, but am open to any input from anyone w/experience with one of these.

Thanx in advance,

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Old 01-08-2009, 07:30 PM
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I am personally a Walkera fan. I have had 3 Dragonfly 5's and they are just awesome. Sure, they cost a few bucks more, but they are very stable and a ton of fun.

Welcome to WattFlyer
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Stay away from the Airhogs TT it's cheap but it doesn't fly too well. Go with one on the other two.
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Old 02-26-2009, 09:42 PM
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Well my patience seems to have paid off...Last night I ordered the Emax tandem(green camo) from xheli.com for only $28 +shipping. It must have been a brief special because the price went back up to $39.95 today.
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Old 03-04-2009, 11:51 PM
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Thumbs up Blade MCX beginner review

Personally I like the Blade MCX
I got a used one in great shape for $80 and am a first time Heli pilot. I have flown the H out of it and figure I will wear it out before I break it and it will do a lot more realistic flight than those cheap ones.
The only problem I have had is my own fault whacking the blades and breaking the yoke that the upper blade attaches to...Not a problem though, just epoxied it up and off we go. I have fixed it about 4 times but that is not the helis fault.
The MCX is extremely tough. When beginning I bet I dropped it from the ceiling to the floor a dozen times and did not hurt a thing. This was caused by what I call reverse ground effect....get too close to the ceiling and it will suck right up to it and you will get blade clash and down you come.
I think a lot of the helis endurance has been that if I thought I was getting in trouble (flying into walls, book case, window, ceiling, CAT ) I chopped the throttle and let it drop. That was a bit of a panic the first couple of times but soon learned that the MCX could take the drop with no ill effect.
Probably took me about 2 hours to get fairly good with it.
The stand alone battery charger with 4 AA's will charge the lipo about 15 to 20 times if you do not run it flat, which is not good anyway and it has auto battery cutoff, you can take off again but it will not be good for the battery if you do it. I get about a 8 minuter flight time on a stock 110mah battery and I have one of the new 130mah batteries that I have not used yet but will post results on later..

FYI...Headsup RC has the 130mah replacement lipo for $7.95 + $2.00 shipping and at Headsup it doesn't matter 1 item or 100 pounds..still $2.00 shipping
They have really good prices on lots of electric stuff and no BS service as well as being knowledgable of the hobby
So there ya go my opinion and experience with the mico mighty MCX

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My Emax Mini Chinook tandem came today from xheli.com via UPS, as scheduled. While the product did manage to arrive undamaged, I was not pleased with the lack of packing in the shipping box...there was none whatsoever.
I'm impressed by the actual size of it. Its quite substantial..clearly larger in length & width than the Airhogs/Silverlit tandem. The poorly translated instructions are humorous and helpful. There are no spare blades but the mfgr provides you with 2 complete spare parts lists...except they fail to mention how/where to order them. Trimming the unit was very easy. I was able to take it up to the ceiling with ease after everything was dialed in. Throttle action is very smooth and doesn't seem overly twitchy. Maintaining a hover and gentle landings are a breeze. I'm still working on mastering the directional controls but this tandem seems to respond well to inputs. All directional inputs are on the RIGHT stick...I may ultimately attempt NightFlyer's YouTube transmitter mod. Also worth mentioning...this thing is noisy. I'm hoping that it'll quiet down a little once its broken in. After a few more living room flights, I'm going to take it to work where we have 50ft ceilings. Altitude is my goal.
In all fairness to xheli.com, I do plan on ordering from them again. They processed and shipped my order very quickly. Besides, I've got my eye on a Walkera 5#10 2.4Ghz coax.

3/07/09 - Brief update: I've logged 6 flights on it so far and all is working smoothly. I was able to take it up to about 45ft indoors and maintain control. The directional inputs diminish as the lipo wears down so I try to keep it close to the ground at the end of each flight. I just successfully attempted my 1st "rolling landing" with it...I brought it down quickly while going forward and feathered the throttle just before touchdown. The landing wheels actually roll and the chinook rolled about 2ft after I killed the throttle...pretty neat.

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