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LINKS! Sailplane, Hotliner, Slope, Pylon, HLG, Thermal Duration

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Default LINKS! Sailplane, Hotliner, Slope, Pylon, HLG, Thermal Duration

Since we've added the "High Performance" category to the "Sailplane" Forum, I thought it might be a good idea to provide as many links to the various distributors as possible. Here's a few;
Vendors, Links + Distributors
http://www.rcsail.com/manufacturers.html (International Listing of Sailplane distributors)
http://msinow.com/rc/sailplane_links.htm (Sailplane Links)
http://www.tmrmodel.cz/links_dlg.htm (DLG, SAL + HLG Links)

http://www.modelflight.com.au/sailpl...c_electric.htm (F3K, F5B, F5D, TD, Electric Sailplanes)
http://www.airstrike.com.au/index.html (F3B, F3J, DLG Sailplanes. All composite) Thanks, Huffy!
http://www.offtheedge.com.au/page.asp?id=2 (Slope)
http://www.rc-sailplane.com/index.htm (All Types)
http://www.southernsailplanes.com.au/ (Thanks, Huffy!)

http://www.icare-rc.com/ (All Types)
http://www.ajhobbies.net/defaultpage.asp?cat=Home (Slope, F5B, TD, Electric Sailplanes)

http://www.peak-hobby.com/main/home/cp.php?nowmenuid=3 (DLG, EP)

Czech Republic
http://www.f3j.com./ (PIKE Series)
http://www.topmodelcz.cz/index.php?&desktop=clanky&id=3 (All Types) Note; TopModelCZ do not sell directly to the public. They have a listing of World-wide distributors on the site.

http://www.airtech-rc.com./ (All Types, Composite)

http://www.fvk.de/Englisch/FVK-Model...h-Version.html (all types)
http://www.aerosportbecker.de/de/products.html (F3B)
http://www.fmt-fischer.de./ (F3B)
http://www.sharon-pro.de/cms/index.php?kat=17_11 (F3J)
http://www.cnc-modellbautechnik.de/ (Scale Sailplanes, Thanks JooNorway!)
http://shop.strato.de/epages/6131678...Shops/61316787 (F5b, TD, DS, Scale)
http://chk-modelle.de/deutsch/deutsch-frameset.htm (F5B, F3B, TD)
http://www.modellbau-freudenthaler.at/uk/index.php (Rudi Freudenthaler's Shop site. RFM Props, Spinners, F3B, F5B, TD, Pylon, Hotliner)
http://www.rconline.net/beineke/index-2.html (Scale, Semi-Scale, TD, some electric) Thanks, JooNorway!

http://www.greenhobbymodel.com/ (DLG, HLG, 2M, Slope, F5B, F5D, TD)

http://aircraft-world.com/shopdispla...=99&cat=Models (All Types)

New Zealand
http://www.acehobby.co.nz/OSSB2/Root...ategory=Air-EP (Slope, TD, electric Sailplane)
http://www.flycs.co.nz/index.php?opt...id=1&Itemid=55 Canterbury Sailplanes (EPP Slope, DS, Scale, DLG)

http://www.rc-seilfly.no/elektroseilfly/gfk_liste.htm (Scale, TD, DLG, F5B)

Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
http://www.rivamodels.sk/index_en.html (F5J)

South Africa
http://www.clownshobbies.co.za/index...d=34&Itemid=26 (F3B, F3F, Slope, TD)

http://www.eflight.ch/shop/USER_ARTI...&kat_aktiv=312 (All Types)

http://airplane-model.com/ Vladimir's Model (All Types, Composite)
http://www.airplanercmodel.com/index.html (F3B, F3J, F5B, F5J, RES, HLG, DLG, Slope, Hotliner, Pylon. All Composite)

United Kingdom
http://www.phoenixmp.com/ (Slope, Electric)
http://www.ripmax.com/3index.asp?Cat...electedtab=010 (Sailplanes + Electric Gliders)
http://www.puffinmodels.com/reichard.html (All Types)
http://www.hyperflight.co.uk/product...at=Glider+Kits (F3F, F3J, F3K)
http://www.acemodel.co.uk/index.php (All Types)
http://www.westlondonmodels.com/ (Sailplanes + Electrics)
http://www.south-coast-sailplanes.com/ (All Types)
http://www.gliders.uk.com/departments.asp?dept=2 (Distributors for Multiplex Tangent line, Aeronaut, Jamara, Dynaflite)

United States
http://www.soaringusa.com/cart/cart.php (All Types)
http://www.acmeflyingmachines.net/ (TD, F5D Pylon, all composite)
http://www.arthobby.com/ (TD, DLG, Electric Sailplanes)
http://www.skipmillermodels.com/ (All Types)
http://www.f3x.com/ (DLG, F3F-F3B, F3J/TD, Slope, Electrics, Thanks, JooNorway!)
http://www.sailplaneshop.com/sailplanes.html (US Distributor; Slope, DS, F3F/F3B, F3J/TD, Combat, DLG)
http://www.kennedycomposites.com/ (All Types)
http://www.mountainmodels.com/index.php?cPath=25_28 (Sailplanes, DLG, HLG, Electric)
http://www.hobbyclub.com/index.php?cPath=21_33 (TD, F3, DLG, LMR-F5J, RES, Slope)
http://www.isthmusmodels.com/index.p...fcd6c8e78011d1 (Sailplanes and Electrics)
http://nesail.com/index.php?PHPSESSI...2c510521ae2b8e (All Types)
http://www.espritmodel.com/index.asp...S&Category=549 (All Types)
http://www.mapleleafdesign.com/ (TD, DLG)
http://www.nfmodels.com/ (TD, HLG, Electric)
http://www.rnrproducts.com/airframes...rs/glider3.htm (TD)
http://www.fatlion.com/bash/index.html (Slope Wings)
http://www.combatwings.com/catalog/main.php (Combat Wings)
http://www.leadingedgegliders.com/ (EPP Slope + Scale)
http://flybyudan.blogspot.com/ (Slope)
http://www.davesaircraftworks.com/ (Slope Combat, Scale) NOTE: No longer producing kits. Skyking Products has taken over production.
http://www.skykingrcproducts.com/ (Slope)
http://wingwarrior.com/zen/index.php...dex&cPath=7_10 (EPP Slope Wings)
http://www.northcountyflyingmachines.com/ (Slope)
http://wyowindworks.com/ (Slope)
http://www.magnumrcmodels.com/index.html (EPP Slope)
http://www.jartworld.com/jartworld_pgs/jart_kits.html (Slope)
http://ecsvr.com/RC-Direct/shopdispl...ect+%2CGliders (Carbon Dart, Opus MC-3 DS Gliders)
http://shop.l2airframes.com/category.sc?categoryId=4 (EPP DS)
http://www.mmglidertech.com/aircraft.htm (Woodies, Wings)
http://www.djaerotech.com/ (Woodies, HLG, TD, Electrics)
http://www.aerosente.com/ (Scale + Vintage Glider Kits)
http://www.skybench.com/ (Woodies, nostalgia, TD, Electrics)
http://www.liftworx.com/ (DLG)
http://www.flyecm.com/inventory/default.asp (DLG)
http://montgomeryliteflyers.com/Order_Form_for_Kits.php (DLG)
http://www.shop.ne-aero.com/product....&categoryId=12 (Gambler AG 1.25m DLG, Kit)
http://www.rcbuilder.com/ (DLG)
http://www.pacificgliderworks.com/arrowpro.html (DLG)
http://www.olgol.com/TabooGT/index.html ("Taboo" DLG)
http://www.polecataero.com/products (DLG, F5J, Slope, "Guppy" Glider, Drela Designs) NOTE: No longer producing kits.
http://dream-flight.com/ (EPP Slope, DLG)
http://www.matneymodels.com/index.html (Fiberglass + Foam Pylon kits, Sailplane kits)
http://www.craircraft.com/Sailplanes.html (Foam-sheeted and fiberglass Sailplanes. HLG, Slope, Thermal)

{Note; I've used many abbreviations, for the F.A.I. classes go here;
DLG is Discus Launch Glider, HLG is Hand Launched Glider, SAL is Side Arm Launch, EP is Electric Powered, TD is Thermal Duration, DS is a Dynamic Slope Glider, RES is Rudder, Elevator, Spoiler, "Woodie" is a balsa-wood constructed glider, "Composite" is a glider made primarily or completely from Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, reinforced Foam, reinforced Balsa, LMR Limited Motor Run-Also called F5J }

SAL's, Mosquito, Micro DLG's

Clubs, Organizations, SIGs, Other Links
http://www.sloperacing.com/ (American Slope Racing Org)
http://www.sbslopers.org/index.php?pid=7 (Links + Plans)
http://www.silentflight.org/ (League Of Silent Flight)
http://www.moneysmith.net/Soaring/soaring.html (R/C Soaring Guide)
http://www.rcsoaringdigest.com/ (RC Soaring Digest)
http://www.les.windmillpro.com/Index.htm (League For Electric Soaring)
http://www.rc-soar.com/index.html (R/C Soaring, UK)
http://www.f3k.co.uk/ (HLG, DLG, UK)
http://www.rcsoaring.com/clubs.shtml (Club Listing, USA. Includes Map)
http://www.crcss2.org/ (Canadian Soaring Society)
http://www.soaringissa.org/ (International Scale Soaring Association)
http://www.aerosente.com/resources.html (Many Soaring links, Full Scale and Model. Construction, Plans, Sites, Clubs, Airfoils)
http://freespace.virgin.net/wessex.sa/index.htm (Wessex UK, Soaring Club)
http://tracfoil.free.fr/airfoils/indexE.html (Airfoils)
http://www.profili2.com/ (Airfoils)
http://www.hq-modellflug.de/koordinatenframe.htm (de, Airfoils)
http://kohlin.com/air/soar-faq.htm#589892 (Soaring FAQs)
http://home.epix.net/~rcbrust/ (Electronics for Sailplanes)
http://wingedshadow.com/ (Altimeter, Airspeed Indicator)
http://rcsoaring.org/index.asp (West Michigan, USA Soaring Club)
http://www.rmsadenver.com/ (Colorado, USA Soaring Club)

Plans + 3-Views
http://www.modelaircraft.org/plans.aspx (AMA Plans Service)
http://www.rcmmagazine.com/index.htm...MKb8VcGPI1W633 (RCM Plans Service)
http://www.aerosphereonline.com/mm5/...Code=Plans_All (Plans for Nostalgia-Class Gliders; Olympic, Aquila, Cumic, Sagitta, Adante, Sailaire, Grand Esprit, more)

Glider Accessories
http://www.superskeg.com/ (Skegs, Skids, Winch Kits, Turnarounds) Thanks, Ed!
http://www.goodwinds.com/merch/list.shtml?cat=framework (Carbon Fiber Tubes; Tapered and Straight, Fiberglass rods, etc)
http://www.hilaunch.com/ (Horns, Hooks, Bellcranks. Tapes. Aluminum Wing Joiners, Carbon Fiber Wing Spar Tubes, Parachutes, Winch + High Starts) Thanks, Ed!
http://www.polecataero.com/products/accessories (Raised Stab Mounts, Pushrod Kits)
http://www.arthobby.com/shop.html (Click On "Accessories")
http://nesail.com/categories.php?sub...2c510521ae2b8e (Skegs, Skids, Towhooks, Hi-Starts)
http://www.hobbyclub.com/index.php?c...ebee1a0851fb12 (Carbon Pushrod Kits, Aluminum Spoilers, Glider Retract, Towhooks, Aerotow-Tow Release, Molded Fuselage Pods, C/F Tailboom W/Stab Mount, Composite Tailboom, wing Aileron Servo Covers)
http://www.hobby-lobby.com/rc-sailplane-accessories.htm (Aero-Tow Cable, Aero-Tow Nose Release, Spoilers, Towhook, Hinge Tape, High-Starts, Rubber Tubing, Joiners, Aileron Pushrod Fairings, Sailplane Retract, more)

Well, it's a start, feel free to post your favorite if it's not here. I'll add it to the list!

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For the birds...
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Here's a great one... home of the Weasel Pro and Alula (Slope, HLG).

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Default Thanks!

Thanks for Dream-Flight, Tank! Funny thing is, I have an Alula, still in the box waiting to be built.
I added it to the list.
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Just some few which might be interesting:

http://users.pandora.be/laurent.dejonghe/ (Guys who likes them big)
http://www.f3x.com/ (Small, fast and good quality)
http://www.cnc-modellbautechnik.de/ (CNC kits, superb)
http://www.thermofluegel.com/bis5m.php (Nice planes)
http://www.schmierer-modellbau.com/1...html/index.htm (I have their Moswey III, niiiice)
http://www.tangent-modelltechnik.com...elltechnik.php (AKA Multiplex, I have some of these, and love them all)
http://www.s2g.cz/sindex.php?stat=uk (A lot of plane for the money)
http://www.letmodel.cz/models.htm (Can`t be better, I have spent some money here...)

Other interesting links:

http://www.knewt.com/ (Great articles and pictures!)
http://www.scalesoaring.co.uk/ (No further comments)
http://www.radio-control-flyer.com/ (Tips on PSS and more)

Won`t add more this time...
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Default More Great Links!

Hi JooNorway,
Thank you for the great list of links! Instead of trying to add to your comments, I'll just leave them here. Good info!
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Great! This should definitely be a sticky!
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I found this site today when I was looking through www.glider.dk .
www.aerodesign.de it is a German site. There is only a little english in the aerofoil section. It has F3b/f/j/k, F5b/f ,F5d and S400 and has a variety of wing's.
It's in 3 view plan.
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Default Because I'm too lazy to go through them all

Does anyone know which of those include flying wing sailplanes in their catalog(s)?
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Default Slope wings

Check out wowings. com

The duck and the skua are fantastic!

Good luck
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I thought a sailplane would be a great starting point for a new RC'er. I have now modified my Radian (Now a RAD because it is shortenec by 4") too many crashes
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Great information. I have a Radian (now modified due to too many crashes). Still need to fly my modified RAD (short for Radian)
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thanks for all the links,,,thumps up
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