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California...A legal Perspective On The FAA UAV Guidelines

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Originally Posted by P51 fan View Post
...Is my point clear now?
No, it's not, Bob, who hides behind the user name, P51 fan, while mocking others. But I give up. My wife, who has a listening problem, listens better than you.
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As I said earlier, what do you feel I am hiding and what would you like to know? I wasn't hiding or mocking...I was being honest. Just because you didn't know my name then, you do now. I even updated my profile to show my name and my interests.

I guess to please you, I should have put my name and interests out there beforehand...because somehow that makes some kind of difference to you.

Would you be happy if I change my user name to my full name? Possibly I could add my shoe size, weight, ssn...hell even if I posted a picture of my drivers license I'm sure you would still find an issue.

I wasn't hiding at any time, and as I said...I guess I have been singled out to be the one that couldn't use a cute user name.

I am starting to realize why these forums are so dead, it is always the same people hashing the same topics over and over...but when someone new to the forum thinks a different way or has a different opinion all hell breaks loose. The last time I encountered that I was at a nursing home.

If an org comes along that offers a better product, at a better price, I suspect folks would give that a hard look, I know I would. Share wathca got...
I will get back to you on that at some time...through a pm.
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OK Knuckle Heads............Since this thread has taken a complete inverted spiral to oblivion, I've requested the Admin's to shut it down.

My bad for starting a topic that few care to discuss (or for that matter) care to stay focused on long enough without tripping over their own indiscretions in the 2yr old grandson stays focused on a subject matter far longer and more attentive than most who have responded to this thread, here..........

I'm assuming the only reason the thread is still "alive" now is purely for entertainment value....considering little else posted recently has drawn as much attention and visitor viewings............thanks to all for keeping the Wattflyer discussion viewing numbers in the green..........
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I had a great time...and thanks to this thread and everyones help my post count is SOARING!!!

I do have to say it is quite interesting when real numbers come up...lets see...

16 total posts on one forum, 11 total on another, but yet here post count matters all of a sudden.

I also thought this was interesting...

As for the newbees that have posted on various other forums like RCDiscuss/RunRyder and have wore out their welcome or started to get ignored and moved on to sites like this, I get the biggest kick out of those who claim to have more than 20yrs experince, are quick to throw their 2cents in on almost every topic, start inquirering threads that only lead to an opportunity to talk about themselves and post vid's of builds/mods under the guise of being helpfull or requesting help, when in reality it's only a way for them to draw attention to themselves.

Since they really are very new to the hobby, generally have no real flying experince and do not belong to a club or have a mentor, these on-line forums are the only place they can feel good about themselves and not have to prove anything to anyone. All the while, can't wait to get up in the morning, go on-line and see how many people have read their threads and responded. It just makes their day!

Sooner or later it all comes out in the wash. Those newbees will either fade away, get chased away or just give up and try another RC hobby. It doesn't take long to sort out the serious vs the blow hards. Just ask them a few pointed questions and watch them
Looks to me like someone was trolling for some entertainment here as it basically coincides with post #11 of this very thread....hmmm. Now I wonder how many times this has been tried on this forum already by a certain person. Someone trying to get their kicks off the 'newbees', and how many times this person was successful at pushing new people away from not just the forum...but the hobby itself. Frankly, I believe that this is against forum edicate...and should be in the forum rules policy under harrassment.

It is also proof of how secure the AMA is, and what info can be found when people show off their numbers so proudly.

If anyone would like to know more about this information send me a pm. I have it copied and stored to my computer where it can't be edited/removed...including post #11. I wonder what the "buddy" lawyer would have to say about it, if it really mattered in "real" life.

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