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Hairy problem

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Red face Hairy problem

A little boy in a quaint town was said to be the hairiest person in history.

Even in a small community, where everyone was aware of and understood his plight, living a normal life was difficult. Even though everyone was respectful, the sheer volume of hair and speed at which it grew was a constant hardship. It interfered with the boy's eating, he would overheat quickly during warmer seasons, hygiene was an issue ... there was no shortage of difficulties stemming from this unprecedented hair growth.

The boy's family tried their best to trim the hair down to more manageable lengths, but within the week the hair grew back in entirety, without fail. Eventually, they resorted to cutting hair away from the most problematic areas - the mouth, the eyes, etc. It seemed like there was no possibility of ever overcoming the hair.

One day, a man happened upon the community. He was a scholar of sorts, and had traveled the world documenting and researching all the wonders of the world. He only came through with the intention of trading for some food and supplies, but something caught his attention: the hairy boy, of course. The townsfolk thought the scholar meant to gawk at the boy, but he revealed something quite interesting: halfway across the world, the scholar had encountered another boy sharing the affliction *and they had been cured.*

Plucking and trimming was ineffective, the scholar explained. The only way to stop the hair was to shave the boy, completely. They would need to work together to beat it, but it *could* be beaten. The scholar had business elsewhere, but promised to return within the week to see the boy's transformation.

Over the next several days, everyone in the family took shifts shaving the boy. Night and day, somebody was always shaving hair off the boy. Unfortunately, the growth was so aggressive that all progress made was undone within the day. It seemed hopeless.

Upon the scholar's return, the family accosted him, thinking it was all a cruel joke.

The scholar was confused - he knew the cure worked, he had seen it with his own eyes! He began asking question after question, trying to learn why they were not successful. Surely the blades were dull, some of the hairs had been pulled out instead? Had they missed a spot?

The family insisted they had done just as he said, they had worked for days on end to no avail. There was simply no way for their family to outpace the growth. No matter for feverishly they attacked the hair, it grew faster than they could shave it. At one point they had even tried the entire family shaving different sections of growth simultaneously. Nothing, no improvement.

The scholar chuckled to himself, realizing the problem. The family, even cooperating, was not enough to combat the hair. Everyone in town would need to work together to cure the boy.

As the scholar had learned with the other case, it would take the village to raze the child.
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