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Discussion-Should I get a heli or sims first

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I made the mistake many years ago 1980's of getting a heli. No one in my are flew at the time. I built it crashed it and rebuilt it at great cost. Never had a sim back then that I knew of. Gave up the hobby and I am considering it again after seeing all the electrics and micro helis out. This was helpfull thanks
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Old 11-02-2010, 05:26 AM
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Originally Posted by texasperry View Post
I made the mistake many years ago 1980's of getting a heli. No one in my are flew at the time. I built it crashed it and rebuilt it at great cost. Never had a sim back then that I knew of. Gave up the hobby and I am considering it again after seeing all the electrics and micro helis out. This was helpfull thanks
Even if there were a sim in 1980, I doubt you would buy it. The lowest specs personal computer cost more than four thousand back then I believe
Again, the mSR is the way to go. It's cheap, it's "anywhere," and it's almost indestructible
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Old 11-13-2010, 05:40 PM
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I stumbled across this thread--it's old, but interesting. I've always wanted to learn to fly a heli, but always found it too difficult even after trying for many hours on a sim (Real Flight 4.5, 5.5). I'm a reasonable flier with fixed winged (advanced beginner maybe?), but I could never grasp the heli.

I couldn't imagine trying to fly a real model w/o successfully doing it on a sim. For anyone who has not tried it, it looks deceptively easy. I can guess there are a ton of broken up heli's sitting in garages or thrown away by those people who thought it was easy and didn't take the time to investigate first.

Maybe someday they'll invent simple heli controls, i.e., just forward, back, turn, up, down controls...w/o having to coordinate a zillion things at once in millisecond time. Or maybe a magic button that when things got out of control it would return it to the ground in one piece. (ok, I know what the purists are thinking--I was just thinking out loud--gimme a break)

Seriously though, for me to become a reasonable heli pilot it will take two things: find an accomplished heli flier to get me started on the right path (for tips and pointing out the non obvious things) and a trusty sim; only then will I spend the $'s for the real thing. Simply firing up a sim alone and trying it repeatedly hasn't worked for me for whatever reason--perhaps retardation or lack of motor skills are responsible--I don't know. Maybe someday when I get really motivated as there are a number of good heli pilots in our club, but for now I'll be sticking with fixed wing
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Old 11-15-2010, 03:07 AM
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I flew fixed-wing before, and I will fly again soon. I am too busy now I could not join the AMA and go to the club, but I will do soon.
I fly heli because I like to fly something. The mSR is the only "real" R/C stuff I can fly right now, in the house. I read and watch a lot of this stuff, and that's how I learn to hover the mSR.

I just learned few days ago that the mSR is considered not a real heli because of its self-correcting ability. Yes, unlike the "real" heli (like the Blade 400), if you roll left then release the stick, it will bank right to correct it. With the "real" heli, you have to roll right to stop the left rolling. So, I guess the mSR is something in between a coaxial heli and a "real" heli. No problem. I like it. Honestly I think it would be great if all real (I mean full scale) heli have this ability. A big relief for real heli pilots.

I learned today about the FMA Co-pilot II. It turns out big R/C helis sometimes need this stabilizer. The Co-pilot is a set of sensors and computer which can be installed in an R/C aircraft (fixed-wing and heli) to provide the aircraft with the self-correction ability. I think it is a cool device. When I buy a "real" heli, I will buy one.

I can hover the heli "tail-in" and move it around a little bit. I cannot hover it nose-in yet. I tried but failed I think now it's time to go back to the sim. But this time, the real experience encourages me to move on. I were on the sim before. It was boring and senseless. I quit. But now I go back to it to learn "nose in" because now I know I can do it
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Old 11-17-2010, 06:21 PM
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Well .... having had the pain of heli ownership in 80's when it was go oiut and crash .. keep trying till you got the hang of it ..... I knew that my return to helis recently would be painful.

I bought a co-ax ... and play with it in the house. It's a toy. Pure and simple. Yes it took a bit of learning, but nothing that any kid couldn't do.

So I wanted a 'proper' heli ... 450 was about the size I wanted ... already knowing from past that small is twitchy .. I got a sim ... HeliSimRC - free on web .. it soon showed me how much I didn't know !

I got my clone 450 CP job ...

Well it's now a tit-tat affair ... sim sim sim .... heli .... sim sim sim sim ... heli .... sim sim sim ....... Yep - I spend about 3 - 4x amount of time on sim to make sure I have best chance when I take heli outside.

I didn't really take to the sim till I had the heli and THAT made me realise the value of using the sim. Before heli arrived, sim was more a gimmick .. a game.

I think a sim is worthwhile no matter how good you may be at flying.
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I do not have time, but I really want to own a Blade 400 or a T-Rex either 250 or 450. However, after watching a lot of heli buildings and operating on youtube, I know well I am not at that level yet Too many times I was about to pull the trigger. Good Lord, I held back. Yeah. Sim sim sim... Oh it's even worse: now my fixed-wing itching is coming back. I was looking at some wattflyers... But I'm too busy now. No choice. Must wait.
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Old 02-24-2011, 05:07 AM
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darm.....im sooooo confused.. should i get the heli first or the sim ? how say you next 100 ppl. ha
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maybe have a look into making yourself one of these?? time moves on

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Absolutely go the SIM route. Just started my self. Trying to fly in the garage was a disaster. Outside too windy for blade 120sr. My many many hours on Phoenix sim was invaluable. Took a week and half to finally get it off ground using training gear. Wow! What a great moment. The sim truly helped. You can even make trim adjustments on your transmitter with the sim just as in real flight. Having sim is great for down times to improve your technique and one day 3d flight! Good luck!
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My new esky honeybee cp3 should be here in a day or two
Beleive me its not even getting switched on untill i have many many hours of sim flight under my belt. so glad i found this forum lol
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Default Hey

You could get the first real life simulator the Mcpx. I have crashed so many times and still have not broken anything.

Here's my Mcpx with a crash at the end but no worries, still no broken parts.
Its a game changer!

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The price of small helis has dropped but you can't control the pucker factor when spooling up your first heli. The sim will calm you down a bit before your first flight as there are so many other things to worry about like the setup and trying to remember if you hooked up the power system correctly etc. You don't have to buy a high price newest and greatest sim on the market when there are older versions all over the internet for dirt cheap.

Just my 2 cents...

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