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Micro Albatros Motor

Old 04-14-2017, 06:43 AM
Virgil Kee
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Default Micro Albatros Motor

I've had six Flyzone micro Albatros models. Love 'em! I currently am looking for five replacement motors. I backordered five of them back in JUNE, 2016! The importer has none, about 37 e-sites don't have any either. I found one IN BRAZIL!! The prices were stated in cruzeiros, or however they're spelled.

The micro Albatros has had different innards i.e., servos and motor leads have varied. What I would like to find is (up to five) of the current model. This motor has a FEMALE 2-pin connector, and the "can" has a 7mm diameter, and is called FLZA6318, Type B.

I could also use a couple of motors and gearboxes for the Flyzone S.E.5a.
This has a 1.2mm shaft.

If you have any of this stuff to sell, contact me at [email protected].

Thanks, Virg.

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Take a look at this manufacture........:

They offer custom types as well......Not sure if the motor "brushed 7mm Type B 12900Kv" you're looking for is shown on the web page, but the specs they provide for their 7MM two pin looks compatible, but not sure of shaft size/length or if your pinion will fit. Give them a call.

This place in Canada has the "Type B" in stock (so they say)......:

What is the difference btw. the "Type A" and "Type B".......seems the gear box used has the same "Type" designation........not so much the motors....?.......and since the Micro Cub uses the same set-up, wonder if that motor will work for the Albatros, since they both use the same gear box set-up and size.....?........Tower Hobby and Hobby Zone had the Hobbico motors for the Cub.
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Old 04-14-2017, 11:03 PM
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Another place you can look is Banggood. Seems to be mainly 6 mm and 8.5mm but there are others.
You can get 4 motors for $10 - $15

2 x 7mm 1 RH 1 LH for $7

4 x Coreless 7mm for $15
They seem fairly fragile things.

1) Please use the motor in this technology index range for the performance of the motor is affected by environmental temperature seriously.
2) It is not allowed to operate in the high temperature with high humidity, and not allowed to contact with corrosive liquid and corrosive gas,should not to be stored and without running Continuously for more than six months.
3) Do not lock the motor shaft while the electric is on. The motor will be burnt out after the motor shaft was locked for more then 1 second.
4) Do not hit the motor directly.

Package included:
2 x CW motor
2 x CCW motor

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Old 04-16-2017, 09:12 AM
Virgil Kee
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Default MIcro Albatros Motor

Thanks for your replies, PIZZANO & PANTHER. I ran them all down w/o any "find".

The connectorless ones are still around, but, I CANNOT solder! I've tried a lot; read and reread tutorials on soldering; but the solder on the iron DOES NOT behave the way it's described.

I wrote HORIZON (US distributor) and suggested that they give up on the current contractor due to non-performance, AND, source them elsewhere!

Thanks again, Guys,


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Trouble with soldering can be fixed.

If you have an iron type or a gun type the first thing to look at is the tip.

When it's cold clean the tip back to bare copper, probably with a file. I like to coat the tip with flux containing powdered solder, before the next heating. You can get this type of flux in the copper plumbing section of a good home improvement store. It's called self tinning flux, has a water based flux thats easy to clean.

The advantage of this flux is that when you plugin the iron or pull the trigger on the gun, the instant the tip is hot enough to melt solder the powder melts and coats the tip. Now wipe off any remaining flux with a damp rag, Better yet is a sponge with several slices in it about 1/2 way through. keep this damp and just run the tip down a slot.

If you have a Weller gun, which is my favorite for all but the tiny stuff. Loosen and retighten the nuts holding the tip, sometimes oxidation gets under the nut and stops most of the power from going through the tip.

Now your soldering equipment should work fine, if not get a new good one.

The most important thing to remember when soldering anything is the the wires or metal MUST get hot enough to melt the solder. do not apply the solder to the tip, touch it to the wires, and when the wires get hot they will melt the solder and make a good joint. Do not move anthing until it cools or you might get what is called a cold solder joint, looks sort of dull gray, not nice and shiny, they don't conduct as well. While working if the tip gets dirty, run it through the sponge.

Always use a good rosin core solder for electronics.

Practice on some chunks of scrap wire. If it still doesn't work take a video of what you are doing and send it to me. Then I can help more.
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