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Arming elec plane

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Default Arming elec plane

I have a new electric airplane is a slow Mo I can't remember the arming sequence I know to turn the receiver on before plugging in the battery and I saw something about having the throttle and the small adjustment to the right of the stick the way down but I also saw that the throttle may have to be pushed all the way up then why they backdown two arm the propeller motor
Can somebody help me with this
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I suggest removing the propeller until you can figure this out better. Seeing as I am not familiar with that model, the instruction manual may cover this in depth.
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Usual procedure with new model is to calibrate the throttle to ESC by ----

Remove prop.
Power up Transmitter and put throttle to full.
Power up model and listen for the beep.
Immediately put throttle to idle minimum.

Model should now give the armed beeps.

That is throttle calibrated.

For normal flight now -

Power up Transmitter
Put throttle to idle
Activate throttle cut

Power up model.
Some ESC's don't like Thrott cut and you may have to switch the throttle cut off to arm model.
Once armed - throttle cut till ready to fly.

I assume you have a standard brushless setup.

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Note... the "arming" sequence for assorted ESCs are not the same.

Some are armed IMMEDIATELY upon plugging in the battery. These are rare now but there are ESCs that can go immediately to some random throttle setting if you plug in with the TX off.
Some require "seeing" a valid throttle value out of the RX and that's all they look for before arming. Again these are becoming less common.
Some need to "see" just a 0% throttle value to arm
Some need to see 0 then full then 0

Find the instructions for your ESC.

Then there's the "safety" settings being incorporated in some TXs.

This can get "interresting" such as putting an ESC that requires the 0-full-0 with a Dynam TX which ALSO must have its "safety switch" see disarmed then armed before it will send anything other than the 0 stick position value. That can lead to needing to cycle the switch through 3 positions then the throttle stick through 0-full-0 before you get the prop to turn.

So you need to know what safety system might or might not be in effect for bot the TX and the ESC.
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Default Immelman

Thank you for your reply I will find the paperwork for my ESC I don't know what ESC stands for I think you mean the receiver I need to sort my battery problems because I have only seen the receiver flash blue one time it I'm not sure how that happened I could not repeat that
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ESC: Electronic speed control
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It would help if you told us the name and model of both your transmitter and receiver.
Hopefully somebody could then give exactly the sequence needed to 'bind' the receiver to the transmitter (if required), calibrate and arm the ESC so everything works as it should.
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This may be the plane......:

This could be the RX........ :,c:070,b:AXRC

Appears to be SK-FHSS compatible

Good luck finding a spare user's manual...or stand alone Axion TX...!
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Default Immelman

The airplane is a GWS slow stick , I have to get back to you with the receiver brand , the transmitter is a futaba, Thanks for all your replies but give me a chance to try what you've told me to this point I'll let you know thanks
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