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what would you want from your 20+y/o kids for christmas

Old 12-20-2014, 11:31 PM
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Default what would you want from your 20+y/o kids for christmas

here's the deal,

i love my kids so much!!!! so when my son who's 25 years old ask's me what i want for christmas i draw a total blank. what i mean is i never think about getting gifts from the kids when theyer spending their own hard earned cash and i don't need anything. i really don't want toy rc stuff that doesn't youngest son {23} got me a tiny quad that flew terribly. i'v got to many birds in the hanger.

so seriously,what do you tell your kids to buy you for birthday or christmas gifts. i don't want them to spend any money on me but also don't want to be a drag and stifle their happiness to give a gift.

anyone else feel this way at christmas........besides,he should have asked sooner and i could'v guided him to a purchase online for stuff not available at the mall.would have given him choices so it would be a surprise what he chose. i never go to the malls here in NJ. more of kmart,sears,home depot,lowes kind of a guy.
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Old 12-20-2014, 11:53 PM
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I'm the same way my kids ask and I draw a blank. Then I tell them best gift you can give me is keep being the best person you can be. They don't like that reply, but when I hear from other people how great my son's or daughter are that's a gift that's priceless.

So they get what they think I need or want and I'm happy with it. I know my son asked where is that hobby shop you go to . Bet ya I get a gift card from him.
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Old 12-21-2014, 07:56 PM
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I always got the old man a bottle of his favorite libation. Toward the end it was the really large bottle of Bailey's.

And I sat up into the wee hours listening to him, just to let him know despite the miles I still loved and respected him.
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Old 12-21-2014, 08:00 PM
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This has actually made me a little sad.

I have two of the most wonderful sons anyone could ever hope for. I think many of my generation ( I am 59 in a few days time ) ... worried about their kids and what they would do after leaving school. Times had changed from our days when jobs were two a penny.

I gave to my sons what my Father gave to me ... a sense of going out and DO IT .. nothing is free and no-one will hand you a free meal-ticket.

Well ... I sit here now and I feel so proud that they DID go out and do it .. they both worked hard and gained managers positions ... one with John Lewis Prtnrs, the other with McDonalds.

We live apart - Mum and I divorced ... BUT I made sure I kept in touch ... even though I left UK and moved to Baltics. They know I am always there if they need anything... that actually includes my Ex Wife - our divorce was more due to my job than aything else.

I get back to England to see them when I can and its hard to describe the feeling I have when they tell me how good it is to see me.

I don't get any presents from them .. but they always send me AND my Russian wife who they have met and been absolute gold with .. Birthday and Xmas wishes. I wish no more ... that is enough to warm my heart and know they care.

I send them birthday and Xmas money - they even told me I didn't need to ... but I would feel bad if I didn't do something.

Their 'present' to me is the knowledge that I have two boys that are making it in this difficult world. They've told me so often that my 'present' to them is my being there if needed.

One time back in England - I needed to speak to my Oldest - James - when he was at work. I went to the Supermarket he is Dry-Goods manager at ... and asked for him at the Information desk. I was kept at the desk for about 10 mins while the 'girls' praised him .. asked about me and what life was like in Russia etc... obviously he'd spoken about me and they all liked him ... Can you imagine ? I was never aware that he regarded me such that he talked well to others about me in such manner ..

What can I say .........

Sorry if I went on a little bit and drifted away from threads intent. But I do feel 'guilty' of leaving England .. not being there ... a parents dilema I suppose ..

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Old 12-22-2014, 11:22 AM
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Actually my kids are 40+ and since no holiday visits are planned it will be a low key Christmas, especially since I will be working ARFF (crash crew of 1) at the regional airport over the holiday. The kids always get me something neat.
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Old 12-23-2014, 12:34 AM
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I dont want Nothing from my kids on Christmas Why, Because I dont Celebrate Christmas Why, Because its a Pagan Holiday, Christ was not born on Dec. 25, All of the False Demi Gods were Celebrated on Dec.25, No one really knows when Christ was born, and who is this Clown Santa Clause, when its suppose to be Christ Birthday, did you know that every Letter in Santa can be used to Spell Satan, the Originator of Christmas Traditions of the Church and Doctrines of Demons, Thats Why I dont Celebrate Christmas, But I do Worship My Heavenly Father and His Son and I try to do it Correctly, Take Care, Chellie

A Must Read for All.

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hummmmm.........the short answers were best otherwise TMI. to much information and we get into the topic of religion. thats a no no on most forums. of coarse here at wattflyer there is a higher tolerance of folks voicing their opinions. but lets try to keep the posts on topic of OP's.

i guess i'll chose my topics better in the future and also how i answer posts in other threads.

some times it's better to remain quiet and let others assume your STUpid then to open my mouth and remove all doubt

So from my family to all here at wattflyer, have a really,really nice holiday week and a happy new year.

not matter what any may say.......Christ is the reason for the season,MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
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Old 12-23-2014, 08:45 AM
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Hey Guys ... c'mon ....... all pals here !!

In fact Xmas Dec 25th is based on a Druid festival ... and like many other celebrations on the calendar.

During the years gone by - if any religious authority wanted to control people - they made religious laws and if available would take a pagan / local celebration and rename it.
Civil laws and new celebrations were usually ignored. So the practice of taking existing came about.
The Orthodox churches regard January 7 as real Xmas day ... Easter is similarly a different date etc. etc.

So lets just enjoy the time and be easy ...

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