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mCX Performance Questions

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Default mCX Performance Questions


I'm new to RC flight and I just got a mCX. I think I'm hooked, very fun stuff! I have a few questions. I've noticed that when I pirouette in one direction the heli is stable but when I go in the opposite direction it wobbles a bit. Also, when I move it forward or backward or side to side it changes elevation (altitude?) without me touching the throttle so I have to add or remove throttle while moving the heli around. I would think it would stay at the same altitude if I don't touch the throttle and just move in the direction I put it but that is not the case. Is this normal for this heli?

Also, to prevent the heli from pirouetting on its own in one direction I had to trim the controls quite a bit. Is there another way to fix this other than trim? I also bought a new Vapor plane and it will stink to have to keep fiddling with trim on the controller every time I switch from plane to heli.

Thanks for any help and Happy New Year!
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Default mcx

Well, there's nothing bad wrong with the mcx by what you're describing.

There's a few limitations to the wonderful little guy -

As the battery voltage drops during the flight the tail will tend to drift a little - its normal to have to make small adjustments to the tail trim to compensate. Also if you make rapid changes to the throttle, the gyro can't quite keep up, so the tail will drift out temporarily. Keep your throttle movements nice and easy. On the big fancy (expensive) helis they use a heading-hold gyro which prevents a lot of this.

I'm not sure about your altitude thing. Helis will naturally produce more lift as they move (as opposed to hovering), but the mcx really doesn't move very fast. Perhaps by changing the angle of attack of the blades, the lift is reduced. In any case it sounds fairly normal, unless its really dropping like a rock. I just tried it and noticed I had to give very slight throttle adjustments when using full collective commands.

Have fun!
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i got the mcx the day it came out, so i've been flying for a few months with it now. The altitude thing is normal. As with any heli, (more noticable on bigger heli's) as you give any directional input, the lift from the rotors transfers from straight down to a diagonal. This requires more throttle to "pull" the heli forward/sideways or backwards. Kinda simplified, but thats the jist. You should notice too, that when you are in full forward flight and come to a stop or hover, you should have to throttle down a tad to stay at the same altitude. Not to noticable on the mCX, but you'll see it more if you decide to continue with a bigger bird.
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