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Pairing 2 Lipo Queastion

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Default Pairing 2 Lipo Queastion

I have a queastion; If you were to take 2 Lipo Batterys say 3cell each @ 2200mah each,but one is 20c Rated and the other 30c Rated and joined them together- at wich C rateing would the motor draw? 20c Constant or 30c Constant; Dont know if ime right or not but i would say 20c- My reason is because its rated at 20c and you wouldnt be able to draw 30c from a 20c rated battery? Am i right or way off and wat would be the affect if you went ahead with this set-up,Dont get me wrong i wouldnt attempt this at all but ive always wondered wat the outcome would be.Emil.
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Ideally if pairing two batteries (series or parallel) you would use batteries of the same C rating. Having said that for moderate or low demand applications it will be ok to use different C ratings. You take the rating of the lowest battery, so as you suggest in your example that would be 20C.
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It depends on whether series or parallel ...

In series then you would have to regard the lower C rating as your marker. Not advised to have different rated packs - but it happens ! Series adds the Voltage but leaves mAh same.

In parallel - then technically you can push harder and have a composite C rating - BUT it is not advised and could lead to problems. The theory being that the load has been divided because volts remain same but mAh increased.

In practical terms : It is common for twin packs to be used - but it is advised to use same size / C rating and even brand - to ensure balanced use. It is also advised that both should be at same state of charge when coupled ... to avoid surge from higher to lower ...

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Emil it wouldn;t matter unless your set-up required more than 20C, not forgetting that your 20C battery may not be capable of a true 20C anyway. However if your plane only had a current requirement of 10C - 15C it wouldn't matter at all. It would do no harm to either battery.
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