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Venom Night Ranger II lift off problem (video of problem included)

Old 02-02-2007, 10:03 AM
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Default Venom Night Ranger II lift off problem (video of problem included)


I just got my VNR 2 heli today and got it all set up and ready to fly......except for one problem.

When I take off....the heli immediately drifts to the left and then tips over. If I slowly increase soon as it has enogh power to take tips to the left and hits the gound.

What have I done wrong? Is there a reason as to why it is tipping left as soon as power increases?
Can anyone please assist me. This is my first heli ever and I really don't know if it is user error or tuning error or what!

I've just recorded a short video of what happens when I try to fly it. It should make it a lot easier to understand what is happening.
If I apply more takes off and then does exactly the same thing. If I didnt have the trainers would tip over almost immediately.



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1: VERY IMPORTANT: Always turn the transmitter on first, then plug the battery into the heli. After you're finished flying unplug the heli's battery before turning off your transmitter. The transmitter MUST ALWAYS BE ON whenever the heli is powered up. The heli can get a mind of it's own if it is powered on without the transmitter on.

2: The drift to the left is normal for a heli with a tail rotor. You will need to put in right aileron (move the right stick to the right) about a second or so before liftoff. As the heli becomes airborn you back off on the right aileron. This is just something you have to get a feel for and learn. If your heli is rigged properly you should not need any corrections once you are up in a hover.
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hey thanks for the reply

I just tried what you said and it hasnt seemed to help. I am still getting the left movement even with the right stick to the right

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before every flight with my VNR2 I make sure the fly bar paddles are perfectly straight, and the tuning switch (under the throttle) is in the middle, then I lift up and see where ever the heli pulls, and I counter it using the little tuning switch, I never flyed with trainers so Im not sure how they work.

good luck flying
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I'm not trying to be an A-hole, but you may just need some more practice. Every heli is different and you have to get a feel for how much stick to give it as you are about to take off. Everyone always says that you should make tiny movements on your transmitter, but you my find that you have to move your aileron stick quite a bit before liftoff. You may have to move the right stick about half way to the right about a second or two BEFORE liftoff, and smoothly move the stick back so that it is centered shortly after liftoff.

If the heli is still not doing what you want you may want to check it's basic set-up.

Turn your transmitter on and center the trims. Plug in your heli and look at the swash plate. It should be level when the right stick on your transmitter is centered (it should spring there on it's own). If the swash plate is tilted you need to do some adjusting.

When standing behind the heli (tail in) the swash plate should tilt in the direction the heli will move. If the swash tilts left the heli will go left. When you move the stick to the right you should see the right side of the swash go down. If you're swash goes in the other direction, then something in the setup is wrong.

Check to make sure your tail rotor is rotating in the proper direction and that the blades are mounted in the right direction. Generally the tail has to blow in the opposite direction that the main rotor turns. If your heli has a problem like this it would probably be spinning out of control (so you probably do not have this problem).
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Hi T.S.

I'm a beginner so perhaps my comments stem from inexperience.

I found the same as you when I first tried the NR2. Assuming that you're turning on the Tx first and then letting the gyro initialise as was suggested in a previous post, you will still need right aileron before and after takeoff.
However, I find it much easier NOT to attempt a smooth, progressive takeoff. If I gently increase power until the heli becomes light, it skitters around and more often than not will try to "trip over itself". So instead I spin it up for a second and then quickly advance the throttle just enough that it "jumps up" into ground effect and at the same time I apply some right aileron.
The tricky part was learning how much throttle to use - too much and it jumps up too high for comfort - I panic, cut the throttle and down it comes. The trainers are very useful to prevent damage here.

Hope this helps.

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