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Pitts S-1S - first flight, and (or course) a couple of questions

Beginners New to e-power flying? Get the low down in here from experienced e-power RC pilots!

Pitts S-1S - first flight, and (or course) a couple of questions

Old 05-20-2015, 11:49 PM
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Default Pitts S-1S - first flight, and (or course) a couple of questions

First of all - what a hoot! ... had a little trouble flying the first couple of laps around the tarmac for a few reasons, but really a lot of fun! - I can only compare it to trying to fly a hyperactive gnat that has drunk 14 cups of coffee and is on steroids..

In case this post might help another newbie that wanders by...

There is NO glide.. cut the power and it glides like a rock. Actually makes landing simple though

Coming from the Apprentice to this was sure interesting!... on the first flight, after getting it trimmed, I tried a barrel roll. The Gnat did 4 1/2 before I could blink! Very tough to fly when you're giggling...

OK... questions:

Batteries: The Eflite battery was $14.99, the Kinexsis batteries were half that price. I bought 1 Eflite and 2 Kinexsis - being very suspicious of something half price I wanted to have at least 1 that I was fairly sure would not be a problem
Q: Why half the price?... are they half the quality or?.. any problems you know of?

Charging the batteries at 1.0 amps... still charged very fast it seemed... or is that normal for such a small battery? (7.4v 200mAh 2S 30C LiPo)

I had to use my Dx4E transmitter... I could not get the Dx5E to bind with the plane... I have no idea how, so that could be a problem I Googled all over the place, and all I found was something about plugging in something to the receiver... I don't have any plugs that I know of so.... The Dx4E is easy.. just hold the button down, turn it on, and let go of the button... viola, bound.

Thanks in advance for the help... and sorry for the long post.
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Old 05-21-2015, 12:47 AM
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Yep, one would think more wing would make it want to stay in the air. This is not the case. They do glide like bricks.

Less a case of one being half price and more of one being double the price

That's a 5c charge rate. Kinda hot. 1C would be .2 amps. Personally, I would charge at .2 amps. .4 max.

Edit, If you are using the supplied charger from the UMX bundle. That should be the right charge rate.
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Old 05-21-2015, 08:01 AM
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I agree 1A is too fast ....

Most lipo can accept 2C rate (2x the capacity) .... in your case 0.4A.

Welcome to the world of real flyers !

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Old 05-21-2015, 08:37 AM
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Biplanes tend to have poor glide. The basic rule of thumb is the best you can hope for is 75% compared to a monoplane. Each wingtip is a major drag source, plus the added struts plus any "flying wires"... You can quickly get less than 50% the glide of a monoplane.

A Fokker Dr1 I had tended to need a 45 deg nose down angle to glide fast enough to prevent stall. It wasn't a high speed dive... That thing couldn't do a high speed dive at full throttle.
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Old 05-23-2015, 08:31 PM
Ya got any Beeman's?
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Woodmangler, the micro rx's in those planes don't like it when the tx is close to the plane for binding or even during regular power up afterwards. Maybe that's what you experienced. Try binding your 5e to it but have the tx like 6 or more feet away at first. Should be the same procedure iirc. Power up the plane first, it will go into bind mode since it doesn't 'hear' the bound tx it was trained to hear. Then with the tx like 6 feet away, hold the trainer switch while powering on. (Make sure the prop is of our the plane restrained)

Afterwards, if you ever have the bound tx on first (as you always should) and the plane goes into bind mode when powered on, just unplug the plane, separate the plane and tx farther, then plug it in again. It hasn't 'forgotten' its bind, it just got flooded with too strong a signal. Happens all the time if I don't pay attention with my micros. If the plane is on a metal table it can mess things up too. Good luck!
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