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E-Flight Ascent Glider

Old 06-07-2008, 03:59 AM
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Default E-Flight Ascent Glider

I recently got my hands on an Ascent glider, and have noticed two issues and am wondering if anyone has experienced these issues and has any suggestions?

1 - The Rudder control line is running right below the (if looking at the plane from the front) left screw that holds the wing on. It seems like it is getting hung up on that screw a bit... any suggestions for fixing that?

2 - I had the glider up for a few minutes tonight, but quickly became disoriented with it. Every time I was able to fix it, but it definitely disoriented me. I've not had this issue with other planes I've flown... any thoughts or suggestions on that?
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Old 06-07-2008, 05:46 AM
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I dont have an Ascent, but on the screw - maybe try a shorter screw.

As far as disorientation - thats harder. Gliders tend to have a small profile and head on or tail on they can disappear easily.

I try to remember what the plane was just doing imediately before I lost it.

Its probably still doing the same thing it was 1 second ago. Try not to panic and dont make any radical controll inputs.

I try a gentle controll input and see if it goes the direction I think its going to go in. I usually go for UP on the theory that up is always safer than DOWN

If it does what you expect - all is well.

If it doesnt - then you have to try to figure out which end is up based on what it did.

Other things can help. Add some really wide, hi contrast stripes on the bottom of the wings and elevator. Maybe something like that on the tail as well.

Other than that - young eyes and practice help
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Old 06-07-2008, 01:33 PM
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Thaks for the information. On the disorientation thing... that's pretty much what I was doing, and I was able to maintain flight... I guess I just need to practice with it. I'm used to larger (electric) planes that have more to the cockpit.

Screw.... I think I may try some glue... it actually seems what happened is the blind nut full down a bit IN flight, causing it to rub on the control line, causing me to have ONLY right turning ability.. which caused a dunk in a pond! (better than ground I suppose).
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Don Sims
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I put a shorter screw in mine as a solution to that. It's strange that you're getting disoriented, it is a small plane though and can thermal well when you hit them right.

BTW, Welcome to WF!!
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Originally Posted by Don Sims View Post
I put a shorter screw in mine as a solution to that. It's strange that you're getting disoriented, it is a small plane though and can thermal well when you hit them right.

BTW, Welcome to WF!!

Ok... I'll try the shorter screw... I wanted to see if anyone else had that issue as well. On the disorientation I think it's just needing to move from smaller planes to the glider type... not used to such stick type stuff... otherwise it was a good flight!
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Thumbs up Another Ascent

Yup the first one crashed ("and burned"). However i had the time to tinker a little bit with the old one. And i also read some of the posts here, but i still have some newbie questions:

1) "everyone" says that the standard prop should be changed. I now intend to use an e-flite 42 outrunner together with a 20 amp controller and 1250mah,12C lipo. But should the prop be bigger or smaller or what?

2) the e-flite 42 has a 2mm shaft but does someone actually make hubs, spinners and stuff for that dimension (Graupner only has 2,3 mm and 3,17mm ?)
3) with the bl motor i want to have a wall begind the motor to ensure that nothing gets into the rotating part of it. How can i make a light and strong wall?
4) with the one i crashed i could not balance the CoG properly. how vital is it to do this? my plane was definitely nose heavy, but it flew (shortly)

5) how light can the plane be before it becomes to light? I think that my new setup will decrease the weight significantly.

I ordered another ascent from the US so i have a lot of time to tinker with the remaining parts of the old one. But i want the next one to get some airtime so any advice would be appreciated.
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Old 06-14-2008, 06:37 PM
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Default Mods for the Ascent?

Hello Norwegian Flyer, Welcome to Wattflyer!
(1) The stock prop is an inexpensive 7" x 3" folder. You will be much better off (with the stock 400 motor) by using a CAM 6" x 3" Folder. Not only is it a better propeller, the size matches the motor better.
(2) I don't know of a quality folder available in small sizes with a 2mm shaft hole. Although this is a odd suggestion, you might consider getting a different motor, one with a 2.3mm shaft. The reason I say that is there's only a few makers of folding props, but dozens of motors that will work. So it would be much easier to match the motor to the available props. The CAM are the best I've found in "400" sizes.
(3) I'd suggest 1/16" ply for the mount, shaped like the inside of the nose, with a few ventilation holes around the outside. Epoxy would be the best adhesive, since it will stick to the plastic/composite nose, as well as the ply.
(4) Center of Gravity is very important, but if the plane flys well with a different C.G. than the one shown on the plans, use it! The plan C.G. is (to me, anyway) a suggestion, a place to start.
(5) Depends on the weather you fly in. If it's normally calm or light winds, the lighter, the better. But if you intend to fly in strong winds, a bit of additional weight will help the model penetrate back upwind. Generally, lighter models climb and thermal better.
Hope this helps!
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Old 06-14-2008, 06:45 PM
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I should have asked this question before I ran to the store and bought the e-flite engine. But im annoyed that the salesman gave me the 2 mm shaft version. I also bought the plane from him so he knew i was a newbie. From now on i will investigate on the web and use mailorder! It takes longer but the options are better Thanks again
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