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Anyone still flying on 72 MHZ?

Old 05-29-2018, 10:41 PM
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Cool Anyone still flying on 72 MHZ?

2.4 has pretty much taken over in the hobby RC area. But 72 MHz is still legal.

So I am curious who is still flying 72 MHz for all or some of their models.

I have two Futaba 9C Supers. I have 72 MHZ, Spectrum 2.4 DSM2 and Futaba 2.4 FASST modules for them. And I have planes on all three bands.

So, who else still has at least some planes on 72 MHz?

I think I still have a couple of models on 27 MHz too, though I have not flown them for at at least 10 years.
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A few guys at our club still fly 72. Very little chance for interference with so few flying 72.
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Old 05-29-2018, 11:24 PM
Don Sims
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I've still got my Tracker II and fly a couple of planes with it. Fun to do at local fly ins, hanging the channel clip.
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Old 05-29-2018, 11:41 PM
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A Tracker II? Really? That must turn heads.

I still have a Hitec Neon 4 channel and a GWS 72 MHz 4 channel on the shelf too. Have not used them in years.
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Old 05-30-2018, 12:02 AM
Don Sims
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Thought about converting it to the new technology but it's nice to fly older planes once in a while.
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Old 05-30-2018, 12:16 AM
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One guy at our club. County gave us a new frequency board so we just stuck a piece of tape with his name on it on 28.
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Old 05-30-2018, 01:06 AM
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I still fly 72Mhz on several of my older planes/gliders as the connection & range is rock solid as always. We have several members of our club that also fly on 72 & we are very observant on channel assignment flags for each on 72. Never any issues. I love all my old classic JR's that still work & look like new. I even have a couple of them, the very scarce JR Galaxy Computer 8, & one of my JR Century VII FM I use my Spektrum DM-9 2.4Ghz modules for even more flexibility. My primary flight radio is my superb JR10X, the Rolls Royce of radios IMO. I love the "feel" of METAL encased radios, not the cheap "feel" of those plastic boxes. Besides, my radios give me all, & more, of the flight parameters/attributes I need for my models & flying style. KISS still applies today. I use a JR ScanSelect module & JR R790 ScanSel Rx's on all my 72Mhz planes/gliders. Pics attached.

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I still have all of my 72 MHz stuff. My beloved Futaba 9C, a Hitec Eclipse 7 and several other Hitec and Futaba 4 and 5 channel. I too have a Tracker II. Bought it used many years ago because I thought the built in scanner was cool but I've never used it. Still have at least a dozen aircraft outfitted 72 MHz. Because of a club proximity issue with the heli field over 10 years ago I was forced to go 2.4 ghz. I now have a DX6, DX6e and Spektrum module for my 9C.

Since starting R/C in the 70's I never had any serious glitches that resulted in crashes. Only lost one plane due to some moron turning on his TX without calling out frequency or checking the clip. When Spektrum first came out all I heard about was "brown outs" and crashes with 2.4. The sheeple still flocked to the new technology and sold off their 72 MHz equipment for peanuts. I was in a buying frenzy for a while.

It was funny to see how since a new tech was released the sheeple determined that the old tech was obsolete and would now seemingly cease to function. Many even considering it dangerous! I was ROFLMAO at those posts on so many R/C forums.

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We still have a couple at our field. Older Gents who just, as they say "can't trust this newfangled stuff" lol
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I had a matched pair of JR 9303 radios one on 2.4 and one on 72 that way I could fly any plane I had with out thinking about which transmitter I was holding.

But my 2.4 radio burned out the main board, so I bought a DX8 gen 2 for my 2.4 airplanes.

I think I have about 20 Rx's on 72 so I still use them on some planes. Don't have to worry much about getting time on my channel.
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I still have an Futaba FF7 FM Tx and receivers gathering dust in a cupboard. I'm 100% sure that i'll never use it again, maybe I'll stick it on eBay or give it away.

It would probably still work but the simple fact is modern 2.4GHz systems are better in many ways, so what would be the point of dusting it off other than pure nostalgia?
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The receiver on my 36 mHz HiTec Optic 6 suddenly lost Range and my plane went down about 100 meters out. Tried it again but I was ready to turn back towards myself when it happened again and saved it. That is when I converted it to FrSky and no further problems till I sold it. It is still going well.
I still have the old module and Rx. Thought it may have been the RX antenna but a new one didn't fix it.
One day I might get $100 for it.... LOL
I also have a Feigao full range 36 mHz RX that still works with another old TX I have. (with analog trims)

Funny thing... I opened up that old TX one day and saw it had another channel slot in it. So I fitted a switch to it and made it a 5 Channel instead of 4. Works a treat.

Sadly it doesn't get used any more now as I have a couple of Taranis' and a couple of Spektrums.

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