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Originally Posted by Don Sims View Post
Sent another contact email to IB, hopefully they will take a look at the site and get us updated.
I recently upgraded to Windows 10. Now, I'm getting ad pop up's in the middle of the wattflyer postings. Those ads are sponsored by google.


And, when I posted this email, a pop up from Lund Fishing Boads popped up.

My PC is running Norton security, and Malwarebytes protection. Plus, popups are blocked in my internet settings.
Popups are not wanted in my computer. Several years ago, a "Popup" by Norton appeared on my PC screen. Found out, someone had created that counterfeit Norton popup, and planted a ransomware virus in my computer. Clicking anywhere on that popup bypassed all Norton security, and allowed that ransomware virus to enter my PC. My computer was completely shut down, and was un-useable. I had to reformat the hard drive and start over. Just lucky, I'd just backed up everything to a USB external hard drive several weeks before that happened.
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