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Originally Posted by gadgeter View Post
Thanks for the replies.
My motor has enough natural magnetic resistance to keep it from windmilling hence my question. The prop fols back without any breaking function activated. Im wondering if I should leave it alone. Perhaps I'll try it and see what the diff is.
My opinion ... turn it on. In gentle flight just cruising and hunting thermals - your prop as you say will usually fold. That's really good.

What happens when you put nose down and build up some speed to do a loop for example ?

For me it's like a car sitting on level flat ground. It needs no hand-brake to stay where it is. But a slight change and that lack of hand-brake can have that car moving off ... Bit over-dramatic example .. but I think you see my point.

I flew my ASK 21 withouty Brake when I first got it ... and prop would fold when gently circling ... but as soons as she started to speed up or if she stalled into a nose down ... prop would fall back out again giving its own brake effect. I soon activated brake and that stopped.

Now here's something ... There are times when STILL the prop will unfold even though brake is on .. OK it doesn't windmill as easily but there's nothing to stop the blades extending. BUT at least you do not get the braking effect of the prop windmilling. THAT is what you are trying to avoid.

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