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Motor brake is required for proper operation of the folding prop.

The way to adjust it if your radio has sliding trim levers (I hate digital trim for throttle) is such that break on is throttle stick at 0 and trim all the way down too. Trim appx half to all the way up should release the brake. You can turn off the brake once prop is folded.

With digital trim you need to program a mix to a switch to change the value of 0 throttle stick to enable or disable the brake in flight.

There are times you want the prop to windmill with the throttle at 0, to act as an air brake, so you need that throttle position easy to lock in.

For endurance gliding you want the prop to fold.

It will not fold without brake unless you stall the aircraft, holding nose up.
It will not unfold if you return the throttle to the 0 power, brake off setting, which should be minimal ESC power demand.

Power demand to activate the shorting transistor for brake (that's how it works... it shorts the motor so it acts as a dynamic brake) is just a few miliamp... maybe 0.5 seconds worth of motor run per 10 min of brake on.
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