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Originally Posted by Ribcracker View Post
Thank you, solentlife. The acronym threw me. I've always just known these as fiber glass blades. And I've busted up enough of them to corroborate your description of their internal structure.
A lot of the Chinese GRP blades are warehoused here in the states so that we can have have quick access and great prices. One of my favorite sources is: http://www.xheli.com/fibl1.html
And thanks for the educational post. It's a great public service to us blade breakers.
No prob .. even over here we talk casually of Fibreglass when we should really say GRP.
Just for the record - I may sound a bit school'ish in my posts sometimes but I know that often some who need a bit more depth to answer are reading, so not always trying to teach who I'm replying to what they already know ... if you see what I mean !

Living as I do in model starved Latvia - I have to order all my gear online - mostly from china ... I have to look at not only actual price - but also shipping costs. GRP blades are very cost effective for me.
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