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Originally Posted by Panther View Post
Interesting but why flog a dead horse?
It is enough that JR have gone broke to put me off ever wanting any JR product. They were never mainstream here but there were a few around. Personally I would never pursue a product that was continued on under another name.(like Dee Force) Where did they get a name like that?
If I owned a JR product I would seriously be considering adopting another protocol asap.
There are plenty of well grounded brands to pick from now. JR is just not needed any more.
A shame that corporate/management corruption caused JR's demise. I'm a JR diehard & will continue to use my JR10X's, Galaxy Computer8's, & Century VII's as they have stood the test of time with reliability & the quality components that the Japanese used. My 10X's are 25+y.o. & the others are 30+y.o. & still work flawlessly & provide all & more of the functions I will ever need for the planes/gliders I fly. I can count on Tony @ Radio South to service any of them. Nothing has the "feel" of the metal encased JR's & don't expect those the cheap plastic junkboxes from China to be around for 25+yrs like my JR's. There are many other JR users who feel & will do the same as myself & be quite content that our JR's will serve us quite well. Nuff said.....

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