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First I've got to say that i don't have any 'inside knowledge' but the demise of JR has peeked my interest, so I've been keeping a close eye on any news that comes up, and there have been a couple of developments:

  • JR Propo has gone bankrupt, this is 100% accurate. Unless someone buys up the JR brand etc and restores it as a going concern (seems very unlikely given the huge debt) then 'JR propo the company' is gone for good.
  • A large Japanese hobby supplier called RC depot formed a deal with JR before they officially went bust to continue to supply a limited range of JR products under licence. This included the radio range, servos and spares for the helis (though I don't think complete heli kits). Products from RC Depot did for a short time start to arrive in local distributors such as JR Americas (JR Americas are a completely seperate business to JR Propo by the way and not directly impacted by the bankruptcy).
  • After JR Propo's bankruptcy the licence agreement that RC Depot had was deemed by the receivers to be invalid, so RC Depot lost the right to use the JR brand name. RC Depot plan to keep manufacturing 'JR Compatible' products under the brand name 'Dee Force Aviation'. JR branded stock will be available until it runs out but no new JR branded products can be manufactured after end february 2018.
  • Dee Force will almost certainly have to get all their radios re-certified with the likes of the FCC before they can sell them in the US and other global markets.

So that the current situation in a nutshell. As it stands once the current stock held by RC Depot is used up, there will be no more JR branded products of any kind. There is the possibility of the same hardware being marketed under the new brand name of 'Dee Force Aviation' but it's early days yet so hard to know if that will work out.

There is still room for a few more twists and turns in the story. Someone might buy up the JR brand name (maybe even RC Depot?) which could bring the name back. Equally someone might buy up the manufacturing rights and then stop RC Depot making what would effectively be 'clone copies'. If RC Depot apply for and get FCC and similar certification is another unknown.
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