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Originally Posted by smking0656 View Post
Thanks AEAJR, These are the kinds of issues I wanted to hear. We are intending to run it just like an outside event with flight line and spectator marked off area. Also limit size and number of vehicles in the air at one time. I haven't seen the gym yet so not sure about the floor but that's a good point.

How will you limit the number of pilots in the room? What about spectators? If I show up as one pilot and have 3 friends with me, can they fly my plane?

Do you have a place for people to sit? Can you use the bleachers? Should people bring chairs?

Do you have access to bathrooms?

How will you control the number of aircraft in the air? A number system like the bakery? Who is going to manage it?

Will the number be impacted by the type of aircraft? Points system?

* Micro helis = 1 ( under 2 oz)
* Micro planes = 2 (under 2 oz)
* Larger helis = 2
Larger Planes = 3

You going to weight them at the start of the night and assign points?

Ad up the points. No more than 12 points in the air at a time?

So, you could have 12 micro helis in the air at once but no more than 4 larger planes based on a point system.

Flight time limit? With some of the slow flyers and lipos getting more robust you could have someone in the air for 15 minutes or longer. How will you dole out flight time? 5 minute limit? 10 minute limit? No limit?

Never done this, just tossing out ideas. Again, someone needs to manage this. You don't want to turn this into a police state but you need to think about how you will control things, or if you just let it run free.
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