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Originally Posted by Old 'N Slow View Post
The fumes from Aspirin - asa - acetylsalicylic acid - can in fact be very dangerous if inhaled. I wouldn't try that method.

I've dealt with the product in bulk, and during manufacture.

The fumes are hydroscopic - water-loving. The fumes - gaseous asa - will bond with water in your nasal passages, throat, lungs, etc. forming extremely corrosive, highly concentrated acid. You could loose your sense of smell, possibly forever, or burn the surfaces of your lungs. Causing them to fill with fluid.

Buy a new motor.
Again with a fan blowing the fumes away - exactly what is the danger?

I sure you hope you don't drive - that is dangerous too.

I get it as I said - NONE of the fumes from soldering are "good" for you. Thus the fan.

Have to put things in perspective, in life, IMHO.

Sad to throw away a perfectly good motor. If you are afraid of the fumes a dremel tool with a fine stone drum and or wire brush will eventually remove the coating too. Remember the factory has to do the same thing to solder - they do it just fine. Throwing away a PERFECTLY good motor is just wasteful.

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