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I have to disagree with you here Louis. I am a member of the Atlanta Hobby Electron Club and have saved more than it has cost me for membership. I'm overall very happy with them and will renew when this years subscription runs out.

I do have a few grumps about the 'new' H-L web site.

1. Slow.

2. Heli parts listing is kinda retarded. If I view the parts for an mCX for example, to view parts for another heli I have to uncheck the box next to the mCX, wait for the (slow) page to reload, the click the checkbox next to the heli I want to see parts for.

3. Just put all the flipping parts for any given model on one page as default. M'k?

4. Parts photos. Kinda hard to select the bits I need when they have odd non-obvious names from the manufacturer and no picture (Piccolo parts is a great example)

5. Go to the Bargain Hangar to look at on-sale items. The shopping cart does not carry through from the H-L site.

6. Shopping cart. At the top of the page you list the number of items in the cart. However to view these items you need to go all the way to the bottom of the page and click the 'shopping cart' link. (this one wins my king of the retarded award)

7. Did I mention the site is slow??

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