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Got my "scratch & dent" Trojan for Xmas. The canopy was dented in a bit and the back of the wing (by the two plastic tabs) was really crushed. Also, the wing really doesn't mate up to the fuse very well and wobbles a lot. After some foam work and some CA glue, had it all cleaned up (put some 1/4" dense foam padding on the bottom of the fuse where the wings mate up and got the trailing edge tabs working).

Anyway, this plane looks GREAT in the air. I'm amazed at how big the fuse looks in the air compared to the other planes I fly (PZ Typhoon and EZ*). It actually looks a lot like a Zero in the air with the white and red coloring and decals. Still, unmistakeably a WWII style prop plane. It floats AMAZINGLY. Great glide characteristics and there is almost TOO MUCH elevator control (really having to back off the control surface movement for just the elevator).

Park Zone really has impressed me with their planes. I'm planning to probably get a Corsair eventually too. I wish their other WWII planes were more advanced (i.e. rudder and a brushless outrunner). I would love the spitfire and/or that FW190...but really can't get excited about a 480 brushed 3ch plane (yeah, I could convert them). Also, don't like that they don't come in a PNP version.

Joe, I'll bet the twist to the fuse and the horizontal stab may be contributing to your poor launch. As for the comment on the different sound on the motors, yup..that is how a 480 sounds. The low KV of the outrunner on the T28 is a big contrast to how a brushed 480 sounds and speed. You should hear my 2900 KV turnigy inrunner on my EZ* pushing a 5.5x4.5 prop. It is almost noisier than a nitro plane.

I really love how quiet the outrunner motor on that T28 is. It is soooo quiet. I have a 35-42C Turnigy 1100KV outrunner I'm thinking about putting on my Typhoon as soon as the geared inrunner dies...that should also be very quiet compared to the geared sound. Sure hate the digital servos "whine" on all these PZ planes, though. Drives you mad while you are getting things set on trims and stuff on the ground. Guess you don't hear them when flying though.

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