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OK I will try to help. First thing to do is get that word Hybrid out of your head as it is meaningless marketing mumbo jumbo voodoo magic. The magic is you are paying 4 to 6 times more than the battery is worth. Nothing special about any of those cells, they are all the exact same thing, an extremely over priced high capacity/discharge rate 18650 cell. They magically make your money disappear.

As for the PL6, again really nothing different needs to be done. You will use one of the LIPO Generic profiles, or Roll your own profile. Bottom line here is 3 amps charge/discharge. Charge voltage = 4.2 volts, discharged to 2.5 volts. Don't make it any harder than it has to be. Those cells you have are just everyday LCO cells and everyone of the variants uses the exact same algorithm.

Charge CC/CV mode: Charge current level is NOT important and does not need to be exact. Anywhere from C/2 to 1C works equally well. Only thing charge rate effects is the amount of time it takes.

Charge cells at C/2 to 1C rate and charge to 4.2 volts until charge current tapers to C/20. So if they are 3000 mah cells you charge until current tapers down to .15 amps

Discharge is even easier. Discharge at any rate you want, but for accurate AH capacity, or industry standard is 1C or 3 amps on a 3000 mah battery. Discharge to 2.5 volts.
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