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Originally Posted by fhhuber View Post
Usually a combination of CG and incidence/trim settings.
Those are the most likely plus thrust line might be contributing to the problem if its doing it at hi power settings.

Here is a series of tests you can do to get the model dialed in.

You will need to go through these steps several times. Each time you make a change in one thing (CG, thrust line, trim settings etc etc), that change effects all the other settings. So its NOT a one time and you're done sort of thing.

The first time through, you will change one or more things like CG or thrust line or trim. Then you have to re-do the tests to see how the model responds with the new settings. Then you make more changes and then re-do the tests.

Keep going till you are happy with how it flies. Some models you get there very quickly and some take more flights to get truly dialed in.

Good luck!
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