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Default Hacker Motor problem

Hi there I have a Hacker A50-16s electric motor in a sebart sukoi , it has at least 15 years old and has done a lot flying
It has always been flown on 6s. Th ecs is a hacker master spin opto 99, overkill I know but it was spare and my hobbyking ecs bit the dust.
The ecs is set to automatic option 2 (outrunner). The ecs was replaced as the hobbyking ecs was making the motor hunt during flight
The hunting has now disappeared however it performs as though the power of the motor is only available at the top 20% of the throttle travel
The motor does run at all the throttle range but it is gutless. The batteries are brand new, the ecs throttle range is calibrated correctly, I have no
strange power curve set as its the same set up I have used for years and has worked before the issues started.
Any ideas ??? My electronics expert buddy is convinced that one of the windings has given up or one of the magnets has lost some of its magnetism
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