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Originally Posted by aramid View Post
I strongly recommend the conventional gear. The particular blue-and-white Hog I chronicled here is a bit of a different situation, because it's a scaled-down, ultra-lightweight electric variant, but I've also had two of the good ol' Sig 60-size Hog kits. Both of the 60-size models started with the wire tricycle gear, and I hated them. The wire nosewheel is just not very robust and tends to collapse on a hard landing, and the wire main gear sticking out of the wing makes the wing very frustrating to store and transport. I converted both to taildragger and never looked back, which is why I did the same on this electric one. The tricycle gear has better ground handling on a smooth runway, but the taildragger is more durable, handles rough runways (and abuse) better, and is overall easier to store and transport.
Great, I'm making the right decision. I've read too many things from people (who aren't pure-ists and say not using the kit supplied wire gear thus keeping the look of the original hog is anathema!) who say the tail dragger configuration using the kit supplied wire main gear either breaks, bends or bounces the plane. I want to order some. I can go off of my Sig 4*60 main gear size if the Hog is similar but you have done it already. What size did you use? The important dimensions are height and width or wheelbase.

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