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Default Drive Calculator version 3.0

Discussion, help and release info:

Originally Posted by Christian Persson

Drive Calculator 3 is now final. The software is available on .

Drive Calculator 3 is a standalone application for Windows and Mac OS
platforms. It comes with a SQL database that contains separate tables for
motors, batteries, ESCs, propellers, and gear boxes.

Data sharing via the internet is built into the application, so that the
growth of the database can easily be supported by the users.

Drive Calculator 3 features a refined motor analyzer, multiple graphical
views of motor data and propeller data, versatile database filters, and
useful tools for motor builders.

The software assists in finding props that fit a selected motor, and vice
versa, in finding motors that fit a selected prop. If you have seleted a
cell type and entered the number of cells that make up a battery pack, it
will calculate the pack voltage under load, the WOT flying time and the
total weight of the drive train. You can have metrical units converted to
imperial/English units upon a right mouse click on the respective number.


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