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Originally Posted by Dusk View Post
Its okay no apology needed, in fact you are helping me a lot to understand these things.

1.8 x 2 x 4 = 14.4amps

What is the connection of the 14.4amps with the supply current limit 28A that I'd set?
There is no direct correlation between amps input and amps output. It's power (in Watts) you need to consider.

Power = Volts x Amps

So if you have your power supply set to 18V and it's capable of 30A then it's max power is 540 Watts (18V x 30A = 540W)

On the output side if you were charging a 6s battery (25.2V max) at 14.4 Amps then you need 363 Watts (25.2V x 14.4A = 363W)

So that's fine, your power supply has plenty of headroom (allow at least 15% surplus for supply power vs charging power)
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