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Default 2nd Day flying VisionAire.

Just flew 4 batteries through VisionAire. Finally got elevator to function full throws. First flights it only moved 1/2 inch up & down. Now it's at least 2 inches both ways. AS3x is now working ( wind was about 5 - 8mph this afternoon). I only flew full throws all flights and it was extremely easy to control. This time I took off and landed on short grass that had just been aerated. Really easy to land but I rubbed my rudder several times on takeoff (might need my first piece of tape to protect it). Stock battery doesn't hold a candle to my year old nano techs 35 - 70's (used for strykers & ultra jet). 5 min of flying puts stock battery at 3.73v and nanotechs are 3.85v. I can tell nanotechs have quicker full throttle punch while pulling out of my hover attempts. I've flown plane 14 batteries and I LIKE IT! My only other plane with landing gear is a Dynam Sbach I outfitted with a FYTECH 30A gyro. So I'm still learning not to let off throttle on approach.

Only problem is I'm still a little confused on modes of gyro in combination with dual rates. I downloaded and installed the profile setup from spektrum for my Dx8. If anyone has same setup could you please give me a quick synopsis of gyro & mode switches? Thanks in advance.
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