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Default 1st phase 3 f-16

Angler: I have had the phase 3 squall with vectored thrust, second hand from a friend. Finally totaled it out, man, it is a squirrely plane, however it has tons of potential in experienced hands.

It was way over my head, Couldnt resist it for $50.00 rtf. I still have the esc an motor in various planes,

The motor wont die LOL,,,

Ihave been in the hobby about a year and a half. I have a dynam Meteor 3000kv 5 blade. I fly the heck out of that rocket,

I decided to get cheap kits $35.00 is as low as I have seen. I intend to develop the phase 3 f-16 kits as my edf's. I have a lot of ww 2 war birds an a few gliders.

I have been scanning blogs, wattflyer, u-tube, etc. There is a lot of interest in the phase 3 f-16, its apparently been around a while as well.

I recieved my kit yesterday. Phenominal boxing, and a color detailed assembly manual. NEVER have I seen anything with a decent manual.

I have a detrum 3000kv 5 blade 60 amp esc, I picked up from hobbypartz
I crashed and burned out my airfield f-16 an scavanged the electronics, servos,etc,

I will pick up a few more kits every couple of weeks, Ill be set as far as edf's.

Well going to fly before work

Alabama flying dude
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