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Originally Posted by JetPlaneFlyer View Post
It does sound like you have toasted the ESC and the programming card.

How did you manage to plug the battery directly into the programming card

Doh. Thought I might have.

I plugged it directly in with some creative leads and a creative interpretation of the manual which seemed like an excellent idea at the time. About 10 seconds _after_ I plugged it in for about 5 seconds, I remembered the voltages involved on each side differed slightly and the card was expecting a receiver battery pack putting out more like 5V instead of 12V.

I guess the next question is: Any recommendations on a (preferably UK-sourceable) ESC/programmer combo in the 20-30A region that won't break the bank entirely? Student budget and all that, though given it's looking like my RX or TX may be toast too, looks like I might be putting things on the christmas list instead!
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