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Default FMA Cellpro PowerLab 8 regenerative discharge power source?

What are the limitations on the power source used in case of using the regenerative discharge function?

Does it absolutely have to be a lead-acid battery, or can I have a chain of 8 LiFePo4 batteries as the power source and it will do fine? Eight LiFePO4 have the same charging voltage (28.8V) as two lead-acid batteries, so it should be possible to do? There will be no BMS, but if I make the source battery larger then the one on the other side of the charger, there should be no risk of overcharging, no?

I read that the Cellpro auto detects the power source, and will not allow me to use regenerative discharge if its not a lead-acid battery. Will it refuse a LiFePO4 instead of a lead-acid?

And what if the power source would be a battery and another 28.8V DC power supply connected to it in parallel, with a small limited current (say C/20) to replace the energy lost in charging inefficiency? Is that possible to do, or will the PowerLab refuse to do regenerative discharge in such setup?

I want to do long-term cycling of 10000 cycles at 4C of A123 and Headway cells. Headways are 10Ah per cell, and I want to charge/discharge them at 4C, which is a full 40A. It'd be problematic to get a large-enough lead-acid battery to accept so much charge, buying a 400Ah lead acid... no way! Much easier and cheaper to get another LiFePO4 and flush the energy back and forth between two LiFePO4 packs.
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