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Well .... having had the pain of heli ownership in 80's when it was go oiut and crash .. keep trying till you got the hang of it ..... I knew that my return to helis recently would be painful.

I bought a co-ax ... and play with it in the house. It's a toy. Pure and simple. Yes it took a bit of learning, but nothing that any kid couldn't do.

So I wanted a 'proper' heli ... 450 was about the size I wanted ... already knowing from past that small is twitchy .. I got a sim ... HeliSimRC - free on web .. it soon showed me how much I didn't know !

I got my clone 450 CP job ...

Well it's now a tit-tat affair ... sim sim sim .... heli .... sim sim sim sim ... heli .... sim sim sim ....... Yep - I spend about 3 - 4x amount of time on sim to make sure I have best chance when I take heli outside.

I didn't really take to the sim till I had the heli and THAT made me realise the value of using the sim. Before heli arrived, sim was more a gimmick .. a game.

I think a sim is worthwhile no matter how good you may be at flying.
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