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I stumbled across this thread--it's old, but interesting. I've always wanted to learn to fly a heli, but always found it too difficult even after trying for many hours on a sim (Real Flight 4.5, 5.5). I'm a reasonable flier with fixed winged (advanced beginner maybe?), but I could never grasp the heli.

I couldn't imagine trying to fly a real model w/o successfully doing it on a sim. For anyone who has not tried it, it looks deceptively easy. I can guess there are a ton of broken up heli's sitting in garages or thrown away by those people who thought it was easy and didn't take the time to investigate first.

Maybe someday they'll invent simple heli controls, i.e., just forward, back, turn, up, down controls...w/o having to coordinate a zillion things at once in millisecond time. Or maybe a magic button that when things got out of control it would return it to the ground in one piece. (ok, I know what the purists are thinking--I was just thinking out loud--gimme a break)

Seriously though, for me to become a reasonable heli pilot it will take two things: find an accomplished heli flier to get me started on the right path (for tips and pointing out the non obvious things) and a trusty sim; only then will I spend the $'s for the real thing. Simply firing up a sim alone and trying it repeatedly hasn't worked for me for whatever reason--perhaps retardation or lack of motor skills are responsible--I don't know. Maybe someday when I get really motivated as there are a number of good heli pilots in our club, but for now I'll be sticking with fixed wing
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