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Actually, my experience is quite the opposite. Wood blades nick and ding easier, but in a hard crash, the carbons break so much easier.

The advantage of a carbon blade is that they don't flex as much as a wood blade, thus making them more responsive and efficient for faster flight and crisper aerobatics and 3D. Carbon blades run 2-3 times the cost of a set of woodies for the same heli. Best to wait on these until you can get into basic aerobatics and continually bring the heli back in one piece from flight to flight.

Woodies flex, allowing for a more stable helicopter. They are heavier, so take more power to spin, slowing the machine down, and keeping it from doing too many hard maneuvers without bogging the head. Woodies are cheap and expendable. Best to use when working your way through hovering, forward flight, and the beginnings of basic aerobatics, as well as when you're crashing often.
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