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Having trouble programming the retracts - just got in from the garage and one of those "2 hours trying to figure it out and gave up" sessions.

For some reason the mixed FLAP servo does not want to travel the same distance as the GEAR servo to start with without maxing out the travel adjustments - and even then it doesn't travel far enough. I think I've inhibited the flap functionality that makes the channel 'different', but I am not sure. What could I be missing?

So what I have is U 150% travel on the FLAP channel (Down adjustment doesn't seem to affect it at all) and in sub trim it is at about D 65 -- it seems to lock on the bench test but when I take it out to taxi, it folds. Or if I tighten it up in the down position, it hangs out of its bay.

I'm a patient person - but this is wearing me out.

If any of you programming gurus could please chime in with some ideas, I would appreciate it.

PS - and the Dionysus servo rate reducer is twitchier than Michael J. Fox after too many Red Bulls, but it doesn't seem to affect the amp draw so I don't mind so much - I am using a ParkBEC, which was fun. And btw soemthing - whoever decided to place the ESC in the cowling and require you to have ~8" of battery lead into the fuse is an aydgit.

P.S.S - TFM is right in front of me :P

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