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Originally Posted by D Payne View Post
I think I understand your question......

When you look at mine head on, the cabanes supporting the upper wing from the fuselage lean slightly to the left. Or maybe right - I would have to look. It's a very slight lean, and I don't think I even noticed until I was all done. It certainly doesn't affect handling.

I was flying mine this morning and a flock of geese came over the field at about 75'. There were probably 15 or 20 in a nice V formation heading south. My Jenny was headed north, and when they passed I added some throttle and turned back to join the formation. I never got in real close to them, but I did match their speed and alititude and eased into the left side of their formation, about 20 feet out. They didn't seem to mind at all! The little yellow Jenny stayed with them for about 200 yards before I turned off.

Thanks Doug. Can't wait to maiden and see if yer right!

As for the geese, well, I am jealous. That just sounds way too cool.
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