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You have basically found out all the flaws that are in my glider - LOL
Yes, the ailerons are pretty big, but their movement is limited when going down.
The bevel I cut for the ailerons are narrow angled. I made this intentionally in order to reduce the effects of adverse yaw. I have read that
it is the down-going aileron that causes the adverse yaw. So... the minimal downward aileron movement coupled with
some crafty linkages makes the aileron that is going up travel farther than the aileron going down for the same stick movement, in my glider.

But now, I guess the down-going aileron movement is too small, especially for an aerobatic glider as it can be seen from the video!

I only did powered flight 3 times. I cut off the throttle the first time as the glider was going vertical (probably a little tail heavy) and then
managed to land it safely. The second time, I cut off the throttle thinking it was pretty high and it was time to glide and I was gliding straight
until I banked right and I guess the glider tip stalled a bit... but I recovered and by that time it was already on the ground.

Third time, I think it went a little out of control. So, I had to cut off the throttle. I do not know what is wrong - sometimes, it goes bezerk - only during launches. Maybe it's tail heavy or maybe it's the wind or maybe it's because of both ?. But it glides alright.

So, I am removing a coin that I glued to the tail (ballast) in order to make it a little nose heavy because nose heavy I guess, means more stability and I already made the bevel a bit wider for the ailerons, so now both ailerons move up and down the same amount.

Next time, if it flies straight and level during launch, I'll remember to take it high enough before beginning the glide..

Thanks a lot,

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