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Red face

A man with a dog walks into a bar in New Jersey.

He says to the barman, "This dog can talk."

The bartender replies, "What? Get outta here."

The man with the dog then says, "It's true, I promise!"

The bartender decides to see if there is anything to this and says to the man, "Tell you what, if you can prove that the dog talks I'll give you free drinks for the rest of the evening."

"It's a deal!" says the man.

He then proceeds to ask the dog, "What is above your head?"

"Roof!" the dog replies.

The bartender thinks the guy is trying to pull a trick on him, and is about to throw them out when the man asks for a second try. The bartender reluctantly agrees.

The man asks the dog, "Who is the greatest baseball player who ever lived?"

"Ruth!" says the dog.

The bartender is miffed because they tried to take him for a fool and immediately tosses them out.

They pick themselves up, and while dusting off a bit the dog says, "I probably shoulda said DiMaggio."
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