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Originally Posted by fhhuber View Post
I'm niot familiar with the AS3X RXs...

The exact proceedure varies a little with the Spektrum RXs I have. Some you bind, then power down the RX and pull the plug, then cycle the TX power and turn the RX back on and you are good to go.

Some you pull the bind plug before powering down the RX.

Some you do the first method... then to set the failsafes you do the second.

Need to look up the specific instructions for your RX.

If you turn on power with a bind plug installed you will lose bind and the RX will look for a TX in bind mode.
Thanks. I got it now. I had to pull the binding plug first, then power it all down.

Works, now... Thanks!!

All I wanted to do was check the new servo to see if replacing the servo solved the tail flutter problem!

Basically there is LOT of wind right now, so the test must wait.

Thanks again for the save... wonder if I can cancel that $6 binding plug I just ordered...
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