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Mr. Quiet:
The trick to taming a flying wing is where you locate the CG and the amount of reflex you need to level out the CG location. My experience with the Bill Evans Simitars taught me to start around 15% of the MAC and around 3 or 4 degrees of reflex. This plane actually flies a lot like an Ugly stik, it is very stable, in fact it could use a little more aileron area to increase the roll rate. Normally I would use elevons on my flying wing but since this wing came with an elevator I decided to use ailerons along with the elevator rather than redesign the trailing edge of the wing. If I were to build a second one I would either move the landing gear forward a 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch or convert to tricycle gear. I took it out today and put another 4 flights on it, love it!

As for control line planes not converting to R/C very well, I have had very good luck using C/L wings with thick airfoils and blunt leading edges. They are quite aerobatic and very stable, I have designed three now and all were very good fliers.
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