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Default E-Flite Carbon-Z T-28 Trojan

Got a call last night from a flying bud who just received the new Carbon-Z Trojan........

Helped him assemble and dial in his DX7. Nothing extreme, just adjusted the expo and dual rates a little and set-up flap trigger. May have to play with travel adjustments since it is an AS3X and we are both a little new to that system.

It's huge, over 6' wing span. we had to assemble it in his den, on the Good thing he owns an SUV, wing and harness assembly will be a remove and install routine every trip.

First impressions of the material and flight control equipment quality were...:

Foam is very unique and seems quite strong.
Factory assembly was a little disappointing, many screwed attachments needed a few turns of tightness.
Surface control hinges and clovis assemblies are not of the quality expected for a $600.00 purchase. Will need to keep an eye on these.
Gear assemblies like steering arm and cogs are about the same quality as the stock Parkzone T-28.
Battery compartment and wiring harness storage has plenty of room (it takes a 6s lipo), needed to adjust esc location some for cleaner fit.
Buddy is considering a different type of landing wheel tire, stock ones look and feel fragile (we fly off grass occasionally). Size is an issue due to retracts.
Buddy is considering a separate esc/bec system. Stock is a 70amp switch mode, this system cries out for separate voltage regulation.

Other than that, everything went together well, all surface controls operated as expected, flaps and retracts engaged smoothly and programming was not to brain teasing (we both are still learning short cuts to the process on AS3X).

Maiden flight will be this weekend, at our home AMA field at Norton AFB..........we'll most likely get a "bump up" the flight line, all the older members love to watch maidens and it gives them something to chat about all day (if the sh..t hits the fan)

Will report back.....!

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